Rabie Ben Atitallah

According to our database1, Rabie Ben Atitallah authored at least 53 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Case study of an HEVC decoder application using high-level synthesis: intraprediction, dequantization, and inverse transform blocks.
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ViPar: High-Level Design Space Exploration for Parallel Video Processing Architectures.
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A Comparative Study of Sorting Algorithms with FPGA Acceleration by High Level Synthesis.
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Model-Driven Approach for Early Power-Aware Design Space Exploration of Embedded Systems.
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New MIP model for multiprocessor scheduling problem with communication delays.
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Multi-level energy/power-aware design methodology for MPSoC.
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An Efficient Hardware Implementation of TimSort and MergeSort Algorithms Using High Level Synthesis.
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A Comprehensive Approach for Camera/LIDAR Frame Alignment.
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An Extrinsic Sensor Calibration Framework for Sensor-fusion based Autonomous Vehicle Perception.
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An Optimized Software Radio Application Using a Dynamic Slack Reclamation Technique on a Real Platform OMAP 3530.
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AFFORDe: Automatic Allocation and Floorplanning for SPMD Architecture.
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Using hardware parallelism for reducing power consumption in video streaming applications.
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A generic pixel distribution architecture for parallel video processing.
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System-level power estimation tool for embedded processor based platforms.
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Early power-aware Design Space Exploration for embedded systems: MPEG-2 case study.
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PETS: Power and energy estimation tool at system-level.
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Redefining the role of FPGAs in the next generation avionic systems (abstract only).
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A fast MPSoC virtual prototyping for intensive signal processing applications.
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Abstract Clock-Based Design of a JPEG Encoder.
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Open-People: Open Power and Energy Optimization PLatform and Estimator.
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