Yingjie Xia

According to our database1, Yingjie Xia authored at least 75 papers between 2006 and 2018.

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Toward Personalized Activity Level Prediction in Community Question Answering Websites.
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Exploring Web Images to Enhance Skin Disease Analysis Under A Computer Vision Framework.
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Secure and efficient querying over personal health records in cloud computing.
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Multi-source alert data understanding for security semantic discovery based on rough set theory.
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Discovering anomaly on the basis of flow estimation of alert feature distribution.
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An Improved Privacy Preserving Construction for Data Integrity Verification in Cloud Storage.
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A Generic Methodological Framework for Cyber-ITS: Using Cyber-infrastructure in ITS Data Analysis Cases.
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Large-Scale Aerial Image Categorization by Multi-Task Discriminative Topologies Discovery.
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