Yingzi Lin

According to our database1, Yingzi Lin authored at least 41 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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An individual dependent multi-colony artificial bee colony algorithm.
Inf. Sci., 2019

Integrated design and operation management for enterprise systems.
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A Network-based Multimodal Data Fusion Approach for Characterizing Dynamic Multimodal Physiological Patterns.
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Personalize Wayfinding Information for Fire Responders based on Virtual Reality Training Data.
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An adaptive multi-population differential artificial bee colony algorithm for many-objective service composition in cloud manufacturing.
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Diesel engine modeling based on recurrent neural networks for a hardware-in-the-loop simulation system of diesel generator sets.
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An eye detection method based on convolutional neural networks and support vector machines.
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A novel approach to study the effect of font and background color combinations on the text recognition efficiency on LCDs.
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On Definition of Deep Learning.
Proceedings of the 2018 World Automation Congress, 2018

On a Simple and Efficient Approach to Probability Distribution Function Aggregation.
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An Adaptive Interface Design (AID) for enhanced computer accessibility and rehabilitation.
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Toward a Resilient Holistic Supply Chain Network System: Concept, Review and Future Direction.
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Optimal Threshold Determination for Discriminating Driving Anger Intensity Based on EEG Wavelet Features and ROC Curve Analysis.
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A spatial-temporal trajectory clustering algorithm for eye fixations identification.
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On-line supply chain scheduling for single-machine and parallel-machine configurations with a single customer: Minimizing the makespan and delivery cost.
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Finger-based multitouch interface for performing 3D CAD operations.
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Modeling of operators' emotion and task performance in a virtual driving environment.
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Solving a modified consensus problem of linear multi-agent systems.
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Neural-network-based adaptive leader-following control for multiagent systems with uncertainties.
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A driver fatigue recognition model based on information fusion and dynamic Bayesian network.
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Mimicking human driving behaviour for realistic simulation of traffic flow.
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On the principle of design of resilient systems - application to enterprise information systems.
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Towards a novel interface design framework: function-behavior-state paradigm.
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Aesthetic design for automobile interiors: critical and conceptual framework.
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Combining eye movement and hand movement measures for evaluating human-machine interfaces.
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