Yongbin Liu

According to our database1, Yongbin Liu authored at least 26 papers between 2009 and 2018.

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A Feature Extraction Method Using Improved Multi-Scale Entropy for Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis.
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Generative Adversarial Networks with Decoder-Encoder Output Noise.
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Understanding User Behavior in Sina Weibo Online Social Network: A Community Approach.
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A Multi-emotion Classification Method Based on BLSTM-MC in Code-Switching Text.
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Main Point Generator: Summarizing with a Focus.
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Evaluating the granularity balance of hierarchical relationships within large biomedical terminologies towards quality improvement.
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Ensemble method to joint inference for knowledge extraction.
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A Rate-Based Multipath-Aware Congestion Control Mechanism in Named Data Networking.
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A Novel Contactless Angular Resampling Method for Motor Bearing Fault Diagnosis Under Variable Speed.
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A Similarity Algorithm Based on the Generality and Individuality of Words.
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A CUBIC-Based Explicit Congestion Control Mechanism in Named Data Networking.
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Recommending a Credible Web Service.
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Learning Topic Hierarchies for Wikipedia Categories.
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Wayside Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on a Data-Driven Doppler Effect Eliminator and Transient Model Analysis.
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Mobile Phone Recommendation Based on Phone Interest.
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Design of ultrastable and high resolution eddy-current displacement sensor system.
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A hierarchical intention recognition model for situated dialogue system.
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XLore: A Large-scale English-Chinese Bilingual Knowledge Graph.
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Component Interface Testing in Virtual Experiment for Visualization of Material Property Data.
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A Fault Feature Extraction Method for Machine Health Diagnosis Using Manifold Learning.
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Explore the domain features of co-regulation proteins, co-interaction proteins and co-regulation & Co-interaction proteins.
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Correlation Dimension Analysis: A Non-linear Time Series Analysis for Data Processing.
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Health Status Identification of Connecting Rod Bearing Based on Support Vector Machine.
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A Case Study of Data Grid and GIS Technology for E-science Application.
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