Guohao Zhang

According to our database1, Guohao Zhang authored at least 22 papers between 2012 and 2021.

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PhD thesis 




GNSS NLOS Exclusion Based on Dynamic Object Detection Using LiDAR Point Cloud.
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GNSS RUMS: GNSS Realistic Urban Multiagent Simulator for Collaborative Positioning Research.
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Extending Shadow Matching to Tightly-Coupled GNSS/INS Integration System.
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Measuring the Effects of Scalar and Spherical Colormaps on Ensembles of DMRI Tubes.
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Fast spectral clustering learning with hierarchical bipartite graph for large-scale data.
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Object-Detection-Aided GNSS and Its Integration With Lidar in Highly Urbanized Areas.
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Multi-Agent Collaborative GNSS/Camera/INS Integration Aided by Inter-Ranging for Vehicular Navigation in Urban Areas.
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Investigation of Acoustic Injection on the MPU6050 Accelerometer.
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A New Path Planning Algorithm Using a GNSS Localization Error Map for UAVs in an Urban Area.
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Limited-Budget Consensus for Singular Swarm Systems With Switching Topologies.
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A Reliability Prediction Methodology for LED Arrays.
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Performance Analysis of NDT-based Graph SLAM for Autonomous Vehicle in Diverse Typical Driving Scenarios of Hong Kong.
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Performance Analysis of LiDAR-based Graph-SLAM for Autonomous Vehicle in Diverse Typical Driving Scenarios of Hong Kong.
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A novel GNSS based V2V cooperative localization to exclude multipath effect using consistency checks.
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Exclusion of GNSS NLOS receptions caused by dynamic objects in heavy traffic urban scenarios using real-time 3D point cloud: An approach without 3D maps.
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Optimal PPVO-based reversible data hiding.
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Overlaying Quantitative Measurement on Networks: An Evaluation of Three Positioning and Nine Visual Marker Techniques.
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