Zhongwen Li

According to our database1, Zhongwen Li authored at least 40 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Recognition of Crop Diseases Based on Depthwise Separable Convolution in Edge Computing.
Sensors, 2020

Parallel Spine Design and CPG Motion Test of Quadruped Robot.
Int. J. Pattern Recognit. Artif. Intell., 2020

PRTransE: Emphasize More Important Facts Based on Pagerank for Knowledge Graph Completion.
Proceedings of the Cognitive Computing - ICCC 2020, 2020

Lattice-based identity-based ring signature without trapdoors.
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Fully Distributed Hierarchical Control of Parallel Grid-Supporting Inverters in Islanded AC Microgrids.
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Deploying parallelised ciphertext-policy attributed-based encryption in clouds.
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Temporal-spatial Analysis & Visualization of Passenger Flow after Opening New Railway Lines in Shenzhen Metro.
Proceedings of the 4th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Safety and Resilience, 2018

Control of a Grid-Forming Inverter Based on Sliding-Mode and Mixed H<sub>2</sub>/H<sub>∞</sub> Control.
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End-to-end available bandwidth estimation using HybChirp.
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P-CP-ABE: Parallelizing Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for clouds.
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A secured transmission model for EPC network.
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Mixed H2 / H∞ optimal control for three-phase Grid Connected Converter.
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Task Scheduling in Distributed System Based on Heterogeneous Multi-processing Nodes.
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Study on Calibration Algorithm of Embedded Touch Screen.
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Embedding GPU Computations in Hadoop.
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The study of spacecraft parallel testing.
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Day-ahead real-time pricing strategy based on the price-time-type elasticity of demand.
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A Security Information Transmission Scheme for Internet of Things.
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Research on Runtime Environment of Spacecraft Testing System.
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High-Speed Packet Capture Mechanism Based on Zero-Copy in Linux.
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Checkpointing schemes for Grid workflow systems.
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Spam Mail Filtering Based on Network Processor.
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The Workflow-Based Modelling Method for Spacecraft Automatic Testing Process.
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Research on Curriculum Design of "Real-time Analysis and Design" Based on Multi-core Platform.
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Massive Data Delivery in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks with Network Coding.
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Simulation and Analysis of DDoS in Active Defense Environment.
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Online Algorithm for Application Layer Anycast.
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Security and Safety Assurance Architecture: Model and Implementation (Supporting Multiple Levels of Criticality).
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The Research on Dynamic Evolution Method of Grid Service.
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Research on general adaptive management mechanism of active network.
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, 2005