Long Hu

According to our database1, Long Hu authored at least 65 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Airborne LiDAR Assisted Obstacle Recognition and Intrusion Detection Towards Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Architecture, Modeling and Evaluation.
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Security-Enhanced Content Caching for the 5G-Based Cognitive Internet of Vehicles.
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Smart Micro-GaS: A Cognitive Micro Natural Gas Industrial Ecosystem Based on Mixed Blockchain and Edge Computing.
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Ultra Large-Scale Crowd Monitoring System Architecture and Design Issues.
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Intelligent Traffic Adaptive Resource Allocation for Edge Computing-Based 5G Networks.
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Privacy-preserving based task allocation with mobile edge clouds.
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AI-Skin: Skin disease recognition based on self-learning and wide data collection through a closed-loop framework.
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The introduction of population migration to SEIAR for COVID-19 epidemic modeling with an efficient intervention strategy.
Inf. Fusion, 2020

Power cognition: Enabling intelligent energy harvesting and resource allocation for solar-powered UAVs.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2020

Follow me Robot-Mind: Cloud brain based personalized robot service with migration.
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Performance Comparison and Analysis for Large-Scale Crowd Counting Based on Convolutional Neural Networks.
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AI-based Satellite Ground Communication System with Intelligent Antenna Pointing.
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Boundary Exponential Stabilization of 1-Dimensional Inhomogeneous Quasi-Linear Hyperbolic Systems.
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AI-Enabled Emotion Communication.
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Ready Player One: UAV-Clustering-Based Multi-Task Offloading for Vehicular VR/AR Gaming.
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Smart-Edge-CoCaCo: AI-Enabled Smart Edge with Joint Computation, Caching, and Communication in Heterogeneous IoT.
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iRobot-Factory: An intelligent robot factory based on cognitive manufacturing and edge computing.
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Angular beta distribution for 3D vehicle-to-vehicle channel modeling.
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A Sustainable Multi-modal Multi-layer Emotion-aware Service at the Edge.
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Smart-Edge-CoCaCo: AI-Enabled Smart Edge with Joint Computation, Caching, and Communication in Heterogeneous IoT.
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CHPC: A complex semantic-based secured approach to heritage preservation and secure IoT-based museum processes.
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Proactive Cache-Based Location Privacy Preserving for Vehicle Networks.
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Edge-CoCaCo: Toward Joint Optimization of Computation, Caching, and Communication on Edge Cloud.
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Label-less Learning for Traffic Control in an Edge Network.
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Editorial: Cognitive Industrial Internet of Things.
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SCAI-SVSC: Smart clothing for effective interaction with a sustainable vital sign collection.
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Urban Healthcare Big Data System Based on Crowdsourced and Cloud-Based Air Quality Indicators.
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Wearable Affective Robot.
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Application of Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm in Vehicle Routing Problem.
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Green and Mobility-Aware Caching in 5G Networks.
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Localization Based on Social Big Data Analysis in the Vehicular Networks.
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Wireless Fractal Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks.
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ASA: Against statistical attacks for privacy-aware users in Location Based Service.
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Finite-time boundary stabilization of general linear hyperbolic balance laws via Fredholm backstepping transformation.
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Content-Based Multi-Channel Network Coding Algorithm in the Millimeter-Wave Sensor Network.
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COMER: ClOud-based MEdicine Recommendation.
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Software defined healthcare networks.
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CAP: community activity prediction based on big data analysis.
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A Dynamic and Static Combined Replication Management Mechanism Based on Frequency Adaptive.
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An Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem.
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