Ajay Kumar Singh

  • Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia

According to our database1, Ajay Kumar Singh authored at least 23 papers between 2004 and 2022.

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Quantum Tunneling Based Ultra-Compact and Energy Efficient Spiking Neuron Enables Hardware SNN.
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Valuable survey on scheduling algorithms in the cloud with various publications.
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Development of Distributed Controller for Electronic Beam Steering Using Indigenous Rad-Hard ASIC.
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Deep Hybrid Summarizer with Reinforced Sentence Selection.
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OBD - II based Intelligent Vehicular Diagnostic System using IoT.
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Estimation of Functional Connectivity Modulations During Task Engagement and Their Neurovascular Underpinnings Through Hemodynamic Reorganization Method.
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ANPR Indian system using surveillance cameras.
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Analog Multiplier with High Accuracy.
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TCP-ADA: TCP with adaptive delayed acknowledgement for mobile ad hoc networks.
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