Ashwani Kumar

According to our database1, Ashwani Kumar authored at least 53 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Strategizing SCM-M Interface Using DeLone and McLean Model of IS Success and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Perspectives on E-Commerce Success.
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Object detection in real time based on improved single shot multi-box detector algorithm.
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$\text{S}^{3}\text{A}$: Smart Station Search Assistance for Electric Vehicle - A Step Toward Smart City.
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A Gaussian process-based definition reveals new and bona fide genetic interactions compared to a multiplicative model in the Gram-negative Escherichia coli.
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Neural networks for facial age estimation: a survey on recent advances.
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A Two-Stage Model to Predict Surgical Patients' Lengths of Stay From an Electronic Patient Database.
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Design of Secure Image Fusion Technique Using Cloud for Privacy-Preserving and Copyright Protection.
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A fuzzy approach to prioritise DEA ranked association rules.
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Kinematics Solution using Metaheuristic Algorithms.
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Ordinal Pooling.
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Strategizing sustainability in e-commerce channels for additive manufacturing using value-focused thinking and fuzzy cognitive maps.
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A sequential stochastic mixed integer programming model for tactical master surgery scheduling.
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Ordinal Pooling Networks: For Preserving Information over Shrinking Feature Maps.
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Switching-Time Dependent PUF Using STT-MRAM.
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OxRAM Resistive Switching for DR Improvement.
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Analysis for biological network properties of Alzheimer's disease associated gene set by enrichment and topological examinations.
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Exploiting OxRAM Resistive Switching for Dynamic Range Improvement of CMOS Image Sensors.
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An advance air-induced air-assisted electrostatic nozzle with enhanced performance.
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A Multi Attribute Value Theory approach to rank association rules for leveraging better business decision making.
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FEA Simulation Based Performance Study of Multi Speed Transmission Gearbox.
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Commuter cycling policy in Singapore: a farecard data analytics based approach.
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MIMO Based Multi Band Antenna for Wireless Communication in C-Band, X-Band, K-Band and Ku Band.
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Novel function discovery with GeneMANIA: a new integrated resource for gene function prediction in <i>Escherichia coli</i>.
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Power Level Distributions of Radio Base Station Equipment and User Devices in a 3G Mobile Communication Network in India and the Impact on Assessments of Realistic RF EMF Exposure.
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CityHeat: visualizing cellular automata-based traffic heat in Unity3D.
Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Visualization in High Performance Computing, 2015

Neuromorphic hybrid RRAM-CMOS RBM architecture.
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Energy-efficient power allocation with spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks.
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Detecting Transmembrane Proteins Using Decision Trees.
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Composite transistor Cell using Dynamic Body Bias for High gain and Low-voltage Applications.
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Design of Bessel Low Pass filter using DGs with Improved Characteristics for RF/microwave Applications.
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FEA Based Study of Loose Transmission Gearbox Housing.
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Low Voltage CMOS Active Inductor with Bandwidth and Linearity Improvement.
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CMOS active inductor for low voltage and low power wireless applications.
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks, 2013

Social welfare based nodal pricing with FACTS cost models in hybrid electricity markets.
Proceedings of the IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference, 2012

Application of data mining techniques for customer lifetime value parameters: a review.
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Mitigation of GPS multipath error using recursive least squares adaptive filtering.
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Genetic Algorithm Technique for Profitability Based Segmentation.
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Multiscale Neurofuzzy Models for Forecasting in Time Series Databases.
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Interpretability and mean-square error performance of fuzzy inference systems For Data Mining.
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Advertising data analysis using rough sets model.
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An integrated and collaborative framework for business design: A knowledge engineering approach.
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Providing Expert Advice by Analogy for On-Line Help.
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE / WIC / ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2005), 2005

Multiscale rough set data analysis with application to stock performance modeling.
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Common sense investing: bridging the gap between expert and novice.
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An Extensible Framework for Efficient Document Management using RDF and OWL.
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Neural Networks and Fuzzy Inferece Systems for Business Forecasting.
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A novel probabilistic approach for real time motion segmentation and tracking.
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Content Based Video Object Segmentation and Tracking Using a Novel Probabilistic Approach for low Bit Rate Applications.
Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 2001