Axel Voigt

According to our database1, Axel Voigt authored at least 39 papers between 1987 and 2020.

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Doubly Degenerate Diffuse Interface Models of Anisotropic Surface Diffusion.
CoRR, 2020

Towards Infinite Tilings with Symmetric Boundaries.
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A finite element approach for vector- and tensor-valued surface PDEs.
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Doubly Degenerate Diffuse Interface Models of Surface Diffusion.
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A Hardware/Software Stack for Heterogeneous Systems.
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Erratum: The Interplay of Curvature and Vortices in Flow on Curved Surfaces.
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Orientational Order on Surfaces: The Coupling of Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics.
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Computation of thermo-elastic deformations on machine tools a study of numerical methods.
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An Adaptive Finite Element Multi-Mesh Approach for Interacting Deformable Objects in Flow.
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The Interplay of Curvature and Vortices in Flow on Curved Surfaces.
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Buckling Instability of Viral Capsids - A Continuum Approach.
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A multi-mesh finite element method for Lagrange elements of arbitrary degree.
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A Note on the Convergence Analysis of a Diffuse-domain Approach.
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A Continuous Approach to Discrete Ordering on S<sup>2</sup>.
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A diffuse-interface method for two-phase flows with soluble surfactants.
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Hybrid parallelization of an adaptive finite element code.
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Extracting Grain Boundaries and Macroscopic Deformations from Images on Atomic Scale.
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A Step-Flow Model for the Heteroepitaxial Growth of Strained, Substitutional, Binary Alloy Films with Phase Segregation: I. Theory.
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A Discrete Scheme for Parametric Anisotropic Surface Diffusion.
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A level set approach to anisotropic flows with curvature regularization.
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Adaptive full domain covering meshes for parallel finite element computations.
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A numerical scheme for regularized anisotropic curve shortening flow.
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Konzept eines Objekt-orientierten Verwaltungssystems für Softwarekonstruktionssysteme.
PhD thesis, 1987