Bing Lu

According to our database1, Bing Lu authored at least 44 papers between 2000 and 2020.

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Hybrid Path Planning Combining Potential Field with Sigmoid Curve for Autonomous Driving.
Sensors, 2020

Recent Advances of Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Applications in Agriculture.
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Detection of tomato organs based on convolutional neural network under the overlap and occlusion backgrounds.
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Node proximity preserved dynamic network embedding via matrix perturbation.
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Identification of crop diseases using improved convolutional neural networks.
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Signal Reconstruction of Compressed Sensing Based on Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers.
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Decision-making for Autonomous Vehicles on Highway: Deep Reinforcement Learning with Continuous Action Horizon.
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A feasibility quantitative analysis of NIR spectroscopy coupled Si-PLS to predict coco-peat available nitrogen from rapid measurements.
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A New Framework Combining Local-Region Division and Feature Selection for Micro-Expressions Recognition.
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Adaptive Potential Field-Based Path Planning for Complex Autonomous Driving Scenarios.
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Maximizing the quantitative utility of airborne hyperspectral imagery for studying plant physiology: An optimal sensor exposure setting procedure and empirical line method for atmospheric correction.
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Dou in Kaifeng Dialect.
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GaN-based consumer application DC-DC converter for PCB embedment technology integration.
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Analyzing a North American prairie wildfire using remote sensing imagery.
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The Relation of Paddy Rice Canopy Spectrum Reflectivity and the Leaf Moisture Content in the Different Nitrogen Condition.
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A Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for the Problem of Interconnecting Highways.
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Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for the Rectilinear Steiner Arborescence Problem.
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Static Timing Analysis with False Paths.
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