Fan Luo

Orcid: 0000-0002-7470-8023

According to our database1, Fan Luo authored at least 32 papers between 2010 and 2024.

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PSRUNet: a recurrent neural network for spatiotemporal sequence forecasting based on parallel simple recurrent unit.
Mach. Vis. Appl., May, 2024

Interval-value based movement strategy of three-way decisions.
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Performance and Reliability of Technology Qualified 34 Mb Split-Gate eFLASH Macro in 28 nm HKMG.
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The movement strategy of three-way decisions based on clustering.
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Local-Diversity Evaluation Assignment Strategy for Decomposition-Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm.
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Self-Supervised Learning for Semi-Supervised Temporal Language Grounding.
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Divide & Conquer for Entailment-aware Multi-hop Evidence Retrieval.
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Perturbation-based Active Learning for Question Answering.
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Waveform Design and DoA-DoD Estimation of OFDM-LFM Signal Based on SDFnT for MIMO Radar.
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Element Extraction from Computer Science Academic Papers for AI Survey Writing.
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Responses of the Very Low Frequency Transmitter Signals During the Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019 Over a North-South Propagation Path.
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A Novel Method for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery.
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A STEP towards Interpretable Multi-Hop Reasoning: Bridge Phrase Identification and Query Expansion.
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Probabilistic Movement Primitives Based on Weight Combination.
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Heart Sounds Classification Based on Feature Fusion Using Lightweight Neural Networks.
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Formation mechanism of environmental protection behaviours of community residents: A system dynamics perspective.
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Learning Models for Suicide Prediction from Social Media Posts.
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Observer-Based Fault Tolerant Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems via Filter and Neural Network.
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Adaptive Time-Resampled High-Resolution Synchrosqueezing Transform and Its Application in Seismic Data.
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Risk Assessment of Seaplane Operation Safety Using Bayesian Network.
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Right-Hand Rule 3C VSP Wavefield Separation Method.
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Magnetic tweezers manipulate DNA slowdown based on nanopores.
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Study on a New Method of Rare Pattern Mining Based on QAR Data.
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Personalized Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease Detection: A Case Study of President Reagan's Speeches.
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Eidos, INDRA, & Delphi: From Free Text to Executable Causal Models.
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Concurrent Probabilistic Motion Primitives for Obstacle Avoidance and Human-Robot Collaboration.
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Semi-Supervised Teacher-Student Architecture for Relation Extraction.
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Scientific Discovery as Link Prediction in Influence and Citation Graphs.
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Efficient and Fair Multi-programming in GPUs via Effective Bandwidth Management.
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