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According to our database1, Jian Fu authored at least 64 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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A Deep Learning Reconstruction Framework for Differential Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography With Incomplete Data.
IEEE Trans. Image Process., 2020

融入结构信息的指代消解 (Coreference Resolution Incorporating Structural Information).
计算机科学, 2020

Biologically Inspired Motion Modeling and Neural Control for Robot Learning From Demonstrations.
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A Novel Method for Estimating Pitch and Yaw of Rotating Projectiles Based on Dynamic Constraints.
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Watershed Algorithm for Medical Image Segmentation Based on Morphology and Total Variation Model.
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Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearing Based on Deep Learning Model.
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A Special Kind of Sliding Mode Control for Nonlinear System With State Constraints.
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Incorporating Structural Information for Better Coreference Resolution.
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Robot Intelligent Trajectory Planning Based on PCM Guided Reinforcement Learning.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Robotics and Applications - 12th International Conference, 2019

Concurrent Probabilistic Motion Primitives for Obstacle Avoidance and Human-Robot Collaboration.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Robotics and Applications - 12th International Conference, 2019

Fast Robot Motor Skill Acquisition Based on Bayesian Inspired Policy Improvement.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Robotics and Applications - 12th International Conference, 2019

Robot Motor Skill Acquisition with Learning in Two Spaces.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Robotics and Applications - 12th International Conference, 2019

A Comprehensive Assessment Approach to Evaluate the Trustworthiness of Manufacturing Services in Cloud Manufacturing Environment.
IEEE Access, 2018

Nonlinear programming-based ranging optimization for three-dimensional indoor time of arrival localization.
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A Novel Data Analytical Approach for False Data Injection Cyber-Physical Attack Mitigation in Smart Grids.
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A robust sliding mode control for nonlinear system with adjustable chattering phenomenon.
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Bond graphs aided development of mechanical power transmission for aerospace electromechanical actuators.
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Convolutional Deep Neural Networks for Document-Based Question Answering.
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Adaptive maneuver control of hypersonic re-entry flight via self-organizing recurrent functional link network.
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A novel supervised learning algorithm for salt-and-pepper noise detection.
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Beyond Quantum Computation Based on Classical Entanglement.
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A new machine learning algorithm for removal of salt and pepper noise.
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On-chip traffic regulation to reduce coherence protocol cost on a microthreaded many-core architecture with distributed caches.
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Primitive attempt to turn images into percepts.
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Online learning control based on projected gradient temporal difference and advanced heuristic dynamic programming.
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A novel nine-arm modular multilevel converter.
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A fault detection mechanism in a Data-flow scheduled Multithreaded processor.
Proceedings of the Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition, 2014

Rethread: A Low-Cost Transient Fault Recovery Scheme for Multithreaded Processors.
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Apple-CORE: Harnessing general-purpose many-cores with hardware concurrency management.
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MGSim - Simulation tools for multi-core processor architectures
CoRR, 2013

MGSim - A simulation environment for multi-core research and education.
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On-demand thread-level fault detection in a concurrent programming environment.
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A three-network architecture for on-line learning and optimization based on adaptive dynamic programming.
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Chattering-free sliding mode control with unidirectional auxiliary surfaces for miniature helicopters.
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A Hybrid Evolving and Gradient Strategy for Approximating Policy Evaluation on Online Critic-Actor Learning.
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Architecting Dependable Many-Core Processors Using Core-Level Dynamic Redundancy.
Proceedings of the Trustworthy Computing and Services - International Conference, ISCTCS 2012, Beijing, China, May 28, 2012

Apple-CORE: Microgrids of SVP Cores - Flexible, General-Purpose, Fine-Grained Hardware Concurrency Management.
Proceedings of the 15th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design, 2012

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An Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach for Closely-Coupled MIMO System Control.
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A Micro Threading Based Concurrency Model for Parallel Computing.
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An online actor-critic learning approach with Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
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Sliding mode control for a miniature helicopter.
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Bag-level active multi-instance learning.
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Making a smarter color camera.
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The Delay-Quantization Model of NCS with Dynamic Output Feedback Controllers.
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An adaptive variable strategy pareto differential evolution algorithm for multi-objective optimization.
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Designing spectral sensitivity curves for use with Artificial Color.
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Low-Complexity Equalization for TDS-OFDM Systems Over Doubly Selective Channels.
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BGI-RIS: an integrated information resource and comparative analysis workbench for rice genomics.
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