Gang Du

Orcid: 0000-0002-5143-2247

According to our database1, Gang Du authored at least 69 papers between 2009 and 2024.

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A Geth-based real-time detection system for sandwich attacks in Ethereum.
Discov. Comput., December, 2024

A 768.7-2124.2 TOPS/W Time-Domain Computing-in-Memory Macro With Low Static Leakage and Precision-Configurable TDC.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II Express Briefs, May, 2024

Implementation of JPEG XS entropy encoding and decoding on FPGA.
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A Dual-Mode CMOS Image Sensor Based on in-Pixel Frame Differencing.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2024

Self-Heating Effect of Device-Circuit with Back-side Power Delivery Network beyond 3nm Node.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, 2024

The Innovation of Ideological and Political Education Integrating Artificial Intelligence Big Data with the Support of Wireless Network.
Appl. Artif. Intell., December, 2023

Intrinsic variations of ultrathin hafnium oxide-based ferroelectric tunnel junctions induced by ferroelectric-dielectric phase fluctuations.
Sci. China Inf. Sci., October, 2023

How does ambidextrous leadership influence technological innovation performance? An empirical study based on high-tech enterprises.
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Dynamic hierarchical collaborative optimisation for process planning and scheduling using crowdsourcing strategies.
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Multi-scale residual attention network for single image dehazing.
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A centripetal collection image sensor (CCIS) based on back gate modulation achieving 1T submicron pixel.
Sci. China Inf. Sci., 2022

Personalized service product family design optimization considering crowdsourced service operations.
Comput. Ind. Eng., 2022

Cross-regional manpower scheduling and routing problem with stochastic service times in home health care.
Comput. Ind. Eng., 2022

Multi-resources co-scheduling optimization for home healthcare services under the constraints of service time windows and green transportation.
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Mandibular Canal Segmentation From CBCT Image Using 3D Convolutional Neural Network With scSE Attention.
IEEE Access, 2022

Risk prediction of hypertension complications based on the intelligent algorithm optimized Bayesian network.
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Optimal postponement contracting decisions in crowdsourced manufacturing: A three-level game-theoretic model for product family architecting considering subcontracting.
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Design space for stabilized negative capacitance in HfO2 ferroelectric-dielectric stacks based on phase field simulation.
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A physics-based electromigration reliability model for interconnects lifetime prediction.
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Dynamic postponement design for crowdsourcing in open manufacturing: A hierarchical joint optimization approach.
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Joint production planning, pricing and retailer selection with emission control based on Stackelberg game and nested genetic algorithm.
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Variance Analysis and Handling of Clinical Pathway: An Overview of the State of Knowledge.
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Leader-follower joint optimization problems in product family design.
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Real-time scheduling optimization considering the unexpected events in home health care.
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Variance Risk Identification and Treatment of Clinical Pathway by Integrated Bayesian Network and Association Rules Mining.
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Modeling of program Vth distribution for 3-D TLC NAND flash memory.
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Systematic calibration of drift diffusion model for InGaAs MOSFETs in quasi-ballistic regime.
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Optimizing Joint Production Planning, Pricing and Retailer Selection with Emission Control based on Stackelberg Game and Nested Genetic Algorithm.
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Impact of self-heating effects on nanoscale Ge p-channel FinFETs with Si substrate.
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Calibration of drift-diffusion model in quasi-ballistic transport region for FinFETs.
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PBTI evaluation of In0.65Ga0.35As/In0.53Ga0.47As nanowire FETs with Al2O3 and LaAlO3 gate dielectrics.
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A Flexible Fully Homomorphic Encryption.
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Quantum coordinated multi-point communication based on entanglement swapping.
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Toward single-server private information retrieval protocol via learning with errors.
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Coordinated optimisation of platform-driven product line planning by bilevel programming.
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Bilevel joint optimisation for product family architecting considering make-or-buy decisions.
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An Opportunistic Network Coding Routing for Opportunistic Networks.
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Towards Fully Homomorphic Encryption From Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan Scheme.
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Opportunistic quantum network coding based on quantum teleportation.
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Hierarchical game joint optimization for product family-driven modular design.
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A two-dimensional simulation method for investigating charge transport behavior in 3-D charge trapping memory.
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Dual LWE-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Errorless Key Switching.
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Novel Hotspot Information Analysis System Using Automatic Information Extraction.
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Hole mobility in InSb-based devices: Dependency on surface orientation, body thickness and strain.
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Performance Improvement of Receivers Based on Ultra-Tight Integration in GNSS-Challenged Environments.
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Clinical Pathways Scheduling Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm.
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3D Monte Carlo Simulation of gate-All-around germanium nMOSFET with Effective potential Quantum Correction.
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BSTBGA: A hybrid genetic algorithm for constrained multi-objective optimization problems.
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A current mode sense amplifier with self-compensation circuit for SRAM application.
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Variances Handling Method of Clinical Pathways Based on T-S Fuzzy Neural Networks with Novel Hybrid Learning Algorithm.
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Knowledge Extraction Algorithm for Variances Handling of CP Using Integrated Hybrid Genetic Double Multi-group Cooperative PSO and DPSO.
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Skeletonization of Deformed CAPTCHAs Using Pixel Depth Approach.
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