Héctor Corrada Bravo

According to our database1, Héctor Corrada Bravo authored at least 27 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Multivariable association discovery in population-scale meta-omics studies.
PLoS Comput. Biol., 2021

Improving Deep Learning Interpretability by Saliency Guided Training.
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Terminus enables the discovery of data-driven, robust transcript groups from RNA-seq data.
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Epiviz File Server: Query, transform and interactively explore data from indexed genomic files.
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Proactive visual and statistical analysis of genomic data in Epiviz.
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Benchmarking Deep Learning Interpretability in Time Series Predictions.
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<i>microbiomeDASim</i>: Simulating longitudinal differential abundance for microbiome data.
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metagenomeFeatures: an R package for working with 16S rRNA reference databases and marker-gene survey feature data.
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Input-Cell Attention Reduces Vanishing Saliency of Recurrent Neural Networks.
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Epiviz Web Components: reusable and extensible component library to visualize functional genomic datasets.
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BlindCall: ultra-fast base-calling of high-throughput sequencing data by blind deconvolution.
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