Ho Gi Jung

According to our database1, Ho Gi Jung authored at least 54 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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Application Requirement-Driven Automatic ISP Parameter Tuning for a Rear View Monitoring Camera.
IEEE Access, 2021

Map Matching-Based Driving Lane Recognition for Low-Cost Precise Vehicle Positioning on Highways.
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Detection-Verification-Cascade-Based Low-Cost Precise Vehicle Positioning Exploiting Extended Digital Map.
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End-to-End Trainable One-Stage Parking Slot Detection Integrating Global and Local Information.
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Lane Endpoint Detection and Position Accuracy Evaluation for Sensor Fusion-Based Vehicle Localization on Highways.
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FAST Pre-Filtering-Based Real Time Road Sign Detection for Low-Cost Vehicle Localization.
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Automatic Calibration of an Around View Monitor System Exploiting Lane Markings.
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Analysis of reduced-set construction using image reconstruction from a HOG feature vector.
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Support vector number reduction by extending iterative preimage addition using genetic algorithm-based preimage estimation.
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Automatic free parking space detection by using motion stereo-based 3D reconstruction.
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A neural network approach to target classification for active safety system using microwave radar.
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