Huiyu Li

Orcid: 0000-0003-2272-0984

According to our database1, Huiyu Li authored at least 37 papers between 2012 and 2024.

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Estimating human sensitivity to curving of segmented paths within room-size environment.
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A Segmented Redirection Mapping Method for Roadmaps of Large Constrained Virtual Environments.
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Redirected Walking for Exploring Immersive Virtual Spaces With HMD: A Comprehensive Review and Recent Advances.
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BloodNet: An attention-based deep network for accurate, efficient, and costless bloodstain time since deposition inference.
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Detecting subtle macroscopic changes in a finite temperature classical scalar field with machine learning.
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A Network Resource Allocation Recommendation Method with An Improved Similarity Measure.
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Two-Stage Image Denoising via an Enhanced Low-Rank Prior.
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DLRAPom: a hybrid pipeline of Optimized XGBoost-guided integrative multiomics analysis for identifying targetable disease-related lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA regulatory axes.
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Data Stealing Attack on Medical Images: Is It Safe to Export Networks from Data Lakes?
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D3DistalMutation: a Database to Explore the Effect of Distal Mutations on Enzyme Activity.
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A novel co-attention computation block for deep learning based image co-segmentation.
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A New Navigation Method for VR-based Telerobotic System via Supervisor's Real Walking in a Limited Physical Space.
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A New Three-stage Curriculum Learning Approach for Deep Network Based Liver Tumor Segmentation.
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Review on Defect Detection and Contact State of Insulation Piercing Connector: High Voltage and Insulation Technology.
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Calculation of Electric Field Distribution and Minimum Discharge Distance in Micro Environment of High Voltage Switchgear: High Voltage and Insulation Technology.
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A Compressed Sensing Based Feature Extraction Method for Identifying Characteristic Genes.
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Validation of FY-3B satellite temperature product.
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A two-view VR shooting theater system.
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