Jac Romme

According to our database1, Jac Romme authored at least 27 papers between 2000 and 2023.

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Phase-Based Ranging in Narrowband Systems With Missing/Interfered Tones.
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Localization of Miniature Ingestible coils using Tri-Polar Plane Type (TPT) Transmitter.
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Device-Free Pedestrian Tracking Using Low-Cost Ultrawideband Devices.
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An Energy-Efficient and High-Data-Rate IR-UWB Transmitter for Intracortical Neural Sensing Interfaces.
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A 1.66Gb/s and 5.8pJ/b Transcutaneous IR-UWB Telemetry System with Hybrid Impulse Modulation for Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces.
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Rank Detection Thresholds for Hankel or Toeplitz Data Matrices.
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Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Key Derivation From Continuous Sources.
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A 8mW-RX/113mW-TX, Sub-GHz SoC with time-dithered PA ramping for LPWAN applications.
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On remote RF-based orientation detection.
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