Jing Wen

According to our database1, Jing Wen authored at least 60 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Analysis and Design of a Voltage Equalizer Based on Boost Full-Bridge Inverter and Symmetrical Voltage Multiplier for Series-Connected Batteries.
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Optimal insertion of customers with waiting time targets.
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A Fast Recognition Algorithm of Online Social Network Images Based on Deep Learning.
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Helitron distribution in Brassicaceae and whole Genome Helitron density as a character for distinguishing plant species.
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Electro-Optical Operation of Electrical Probe Phase-Change Memory With Ultra-High Electrically Conductive Capping Layer.
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MMVG-INF-Etrol@TRECVID 2019: Activities in Extended Video.
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Adaptive Phone Orientation Method for Continuous Authentication Based on Mobile Motion Sensors.
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Ultrathin Terahertz Dual-Band Perfect Metamaterial Absorber Using Asymmetric Double-Split Rings Resonator.
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Meta-Interpretive Learning from noisy images.
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A novel crowd evaluation method for security and trustworthiness of online social networks platforms based on signaling theory.
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An improved algorithm based on Bloom filter and its application in bar code recognition and processing.
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DCN: Detector-Corrector Network Against Evasion Attacks on Deep Neural Networks.
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Multi-scale Trajectory Data Management and Query.
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A data forwarding algorithm based on estimated Hungarian method for underwater sensor networks.
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Logical Vision: One-Shot Meta-Interpretive Learning from Real Images.
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Vehicle routing optimization of urban distribution with self-pick-up lockers.
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A general and practical path planning framework for autonomous vehicles.
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Multi-level thresholding for pupil location in eye-gaze tracking systerm.
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Appointment scheduling of diagnostic facilities subject to non-stationary emergency demand and waiting time targets.
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基于抽象解释的服务间消息的数据约减 (Data Reduction Analysis for Message between Services Based on Abstract Interpretation).
计算机科学, 2015

A novel item anomaly detection approach against shilling attacks in collaborative recommendation systems using the dynamic time interval segmentation technique.
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Distributed multipliers in MWM for analyzing job arrival processes in massive HPC workload datasets.
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"I communicate with my children in the game": Mediated Intergenerational Family Relationships through a Social Networking Game.
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Fragmented edge structure coding for Chinese writer identification.
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A fast convex hull algorithm with maximum inscribed circle affine transformation.
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A policy-driven exception handling approach for service-oriented processes.
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Designing online games for real-life relationships: examining QQ farm in intergenerational play.
Proceedings of the CSCW '12 Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 2012

Robust tensor subspace learning for anomaly detection.
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Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Fabemd Decomposition with Detail Measure Weight.
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A Comparative Study for Search Engines Business Model - Based on the Case of Baidu and Google.
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