Kai-Wei Chiang

According to our database1, Kai-Wei Chiang authored at least 29 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Improving GPS Code Phase Positioning Accuracy in Urban Environments Using Machine Learning.
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Performance Enhancement of INS/GNSS/Refreshed-SLAM Integration for Acceptable Lane-Level Navigation Accuracy.
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Navigation Engine Design for Automated Driving Using INS/GNSS/3D LiDAR-SLAM and Integrity Assessment.
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The Design a TDCP-Smoothed GNSS/Odometer Integration Scheme with Vehicular-Motion Constraint and Robust Regression.
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Seamless navigation and mapping using an INS/GNSS/grid-based SLAM semi-tightly coupled integration scheme.
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Development of LiDAR-Based UAV System for Environment Reconstruction.
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New Calibration Method Using Low Cost MEM IMUs to Verify the Performance of UAV-Borne MMS Payloads.
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A Feasibility Analysis of Land-Based SINS/GNSS Gravimetry for Groundwater Resource Detection in Taiwan.
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The Performance Analysis of the Tactical Inertial Navigator Aided by Non-GPS Derived References.
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The Performance Analysis of a Real-Time Integrated INS/GPS Vehicle Navigation System with Abnormal GPS Measurement Elimination.
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The Development of an UAV Borne Direct Georeferenced Photogrammetric Platform for Ground Control Point Free Applications.
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Study of Alternative GPS Network Meteorological Sensors in Taiwan: Case Studies of the Plum Rains and Typhoon Sinlaku.
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