Maurice Tchuente

According to our database1, Maurice Tchuente authored at least 52 papers between 1980 and 2018.

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A sequential pattern mining approach to design taxonomies for hierarchical music genre recognition.
Pattern Anal. Appl., 2018

FPGA-based simultaneous multichannel audio processor for musical genre indexing applications in broadcast band.
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Temporal Recommendation, Long- and Short-term Preferences, Session-based Temporal Graph, Time Weight Content-based Graph, Time-averaged Hit Ratio, PageRank, Injected Preference Fusion..
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Node ranking in wireless sensor networks with linear topology.
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Adaptive healing procedure for lifetime improvement in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Social Network Analysis of Developers' and Users' Mailing Lists of Some Free Open Source Software.
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Managing Personal Health Records in an Infrastructure-Weak Environment.
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WARIM: Wireless Sensor Networks Architecture for a Reliable Intersection Monitoring.
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Distance-Based Trace Diagnosis for Multimedia Applications: Help Me TED!
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Data collection in a degraded network: case of developing countries or countries in crisis.
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Churn Prediction in a Real Online Social Network Using Local CommunIty Analysis.
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Réseaux d'Automates de Caianiello Revisité
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Réseaux Systoliques Pour des Problèmes de Mots.
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A Systolic Array for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem.
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Connection-graph and iteration-graph of monotone boolean functions.
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Arbres avec un nombre maximum de sommets pendants.
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Sur l'Auto- Stabilisation dans un Réseau d'Ordinateurs.
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Sure l'Émitation Itérative des Situations de Blocage dans un Système.
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Independence systems with continuous cardinality of bases.
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