Maurizio Muzzupappa

According to our database1, Maurizio Muzzupappa authored at least 25 papers between 1999 and 2018.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of five.



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Virtual dives into the underwater archaeological treasures of South Italy.
Virtual Reality, 2018

MoveIt!: Autonomous Underwater Free-Floating Manipulation.
IEEE Robot. Automat. Mag., 2017

An Alignment Method for the Integration of Underwater 3D Data Captured by a Stereovision System and an Acoustic Camera.
Sensors, 2016

A VR system for the exploitation of underwater archaeological sites.
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding, 2016

Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools to Improve the Exploitation of Underwater Archaeological Sites by Diver and Non-diver Tourists.
Proceedings of the Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection, 2016

Kinect V2 for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Applications - A Preliminary Analysis on Performance Evaluation.
Proceedings of the 9th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (BIOSTEC 2016), 2016

Effects of device obtrusion and tool-hand misalignment on user performance and stiffness perception in visuo-haptic mixed reality.
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Visuo-Haptic Mixed Reality with Unobstructed Tool-Hand Integration.
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A Comparative Analysis between Active and Passive Techniques for Underwater 3D Reconstruction of Close-Range Objects.
Sensors, 2013

Reliable behaviour simulation of product interface in mixed reality.
Eng. Comput. (Lond.), 2013

Mixed prototyping with configurable physical archetype for usability evaluation of product interfaces.
Computers in Industry, 2013

3D reconstruction of an outdoor archaeological site through a multi-view stereo technique.
Proceedings of the 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress, Marseille, France, October 28, 2013

3D documentation and monitoring of the experimental cleaning operations in the underwater archaeological site of Baia (Italy).
Proceedings of the 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress, Marseille, France, October 28, 2013

Multi-view 3D reconstruction of small stone samples deteriorated by Marine organisms.
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, 2012

3D Reconstruction and Virtual Exploration of Submerged Structures: a Case Study in the Underwater Archaeological Site of Baia (Italy).
Proceedings of the VAST12: The 13th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, 2012

Product interface design: A participatory approach based on virtual reality.
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Integrated Computer-Aided Innovation: The PROSIT approach.
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Augmented touch without visual obtrusion.
Proceedings of the Science & Technology Proceedings, 2009

Critical Thinking and Concept Design Generation in a Collaborative Network.
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Visualization of industrial engineering data in Augmented Reality.
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Identifying Partners And Organizational Logical Structures For Collaborative Conceptual Design.
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3D Input devices integration in CAD environment.
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VTK4AR: An Object Oriented Framework for Scientific Visualization of CAE Data in Augmented Reality.
Proceedings of the Fourth Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2006, 2006

The Formation of Collaborative Chains for Conceptual Design.
Proceedings of the Collaborative Networks and Their Breeding Environments, 2005

Product Design Review on the Web.
IMSA, 1999