Mike Eichhorn

According to our database1, Mike Eichhorn authored at least 18 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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Modular AUV System with Integrated Real-Time Water Quality Analysis.
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Model Identification and Controller Parameter Optimization for an Autopilot Design for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
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Parallelization of Path Planning Algorithms for AUVs Concepts, Opportunities, and Program-Technical Implementation.
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Comparison of Guidance Modes for the AUV "Slocum Glider" in Time-Varying Ocean Flows.
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A Mission Planning System for the AUV "SLOCUM Glider" for the Newfoundland and Labrador Shelf.
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Modular AUV System for Sea Water Quality Monitoring and Management.
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Opportunities to Parallelize Path Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
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A Debris Backwards Flow Simulation System for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
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Guidance of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Special Situations.
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A New Concept for an Obstacle Avoidance System for the AUV "SLOCUM Glider" Operation under Ice.
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Solutions for Practice-oriented Requirements for Optimal Path Planning for the AUV "SLOCUM Glider".
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Nonlinear modeling and identification of a dc-motor with friction and cogging.
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Enabling Computation Intensive Applications in Battery-Operated Cyber-Physical Systems.
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Dynamic friction modeling and identification for high precision mechatronic systems.
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