Naeem Ramzan

According to our database1, Naeem Ramzan authored at least 67 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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A QoE and Simulator Sickness Evaluation of a Smart-Exercise-Bike Virtual Reality System via User Feedback and Physiological Signals.
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, 2019

Comparison and Efficacy of Synergistic Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Human Physiological Response.
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An FPGA implementation of the matching pursuit algorithm for a compressed sensing enabled e-Health monitoring platform.
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Remote patient monitoring: a comprehensive study.
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Examining Human-Horse Interaction by Means of Affect Recognition via Physiological Signals.
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ANN design and implementation for real-time object tracking using quadrotor AR.Drone 2.0.
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SNPs-based Hypertension Disease Detection via Machine Learning Techniques.
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Psychophysiology-Based QoE Assessment: A Survey.
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Fusing highly dimensional energy and connectivity features to identify affective states from EEG signals.
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Content-based image retrieval with compact deep convolutional features.
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Taxo-Semantics: Assessing similarity between multi-word expressions for extending e-catalogs.
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TaxoPublish: Towards a solution to automatically personalize taxonomies in e-catalogs.
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Emotion Recognition by Physiological Signals.
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EmotionBike: A Study of Provoking Emotions in Cycling Exergames.
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An efficient MIMO-OFDM radix-2 Single-Path Delay Feedback FFT implementation on FPGA.
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A Reconfigurable Wireless Environment for ECG Monitoring and Encryption.

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1st international ACM workshop on user experience in e-learning and augmented technologies in education.
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