Quan Qiu

Orcid: 0000-0002-7261-3856

According to our database1, Quan Qiu authored at least 18 papers between 2008 and 2023.

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Hybrid Uncalibrated Visual Servoing Control of Harvesting Robots With RGB-D Cameras.
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Multi-Arm Robot Task Planning for Fruit Harvesting Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.
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Intrinsic Calibration of Multi-Beam LiDARs for Agricultural Robots.
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Occluded Apple Fruit Detection and Localization with a Frustum-Based Point-Cloud-Processing Approach for Robotic Harvesting.
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In Situ Measuring Stem Diameters of Maize Crops with a High-Throughput Phenotyping Robot.
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Research on the construction and application of knowledge graph for process quality optimization.
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A Fully Distributed Protocol with an Event-Triggered Communication Strategy for Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems Consensus with Nonlinear Dynamics.
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Depth Ranging Performance Evaluation and Improvement for RGB-D Cameras on Field-Based High-Throughput Phenotyping Robots.
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Hybrid Visual Servoing Tracking Control of Uncalibrated Robotic Systems for Dynamic Dwarf Culture Orchards Harvest.
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