Takeo Kato

According to our database1, Takeo Kato authored at least 18 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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Gaussian Curvature Entropy for Curved Surface Shape Generation.
Entropy, 2020

mVMC - Open-source software for many-variable variational Monte Carlo method.
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Quantification of "complexity" in curved surface shape using total absolute curvature.
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Curved Surface Shape Generation Method Based on "Complexity" Index.
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A low power, VLSI object recognition processor using Sparse FIND feature for 60 fps HDTV resolution video [IEICE Electronics Express Vol. 14(2017) No. 15 pp. 20170668].
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A low power, VLSI object recognition processor using Sparse FIND feature for 60 fps HDTV resolution video.
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FPGA implementation of object recognition processor for HDTV resolution video using sparse FIND feature.
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Quality Function Deployment Using Improved Interpretive Structural Modeling.
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