Xi Xiong

According to our database1, Xi Xiong authored at least 26 papers between 2009 and 2019.

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ADPDF: A Hybrid Attribute Discrimination Method for Psychometric Data With Fuzziness.
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Topological Influence-Aware Recommendation on Social Networks.
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A policy-centric approach to protecting OS kernel from vulnerable LKMs.
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Assessing R&D efficiency using a two-stage dynamic DEA model: A case study of research institutes in the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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Maximal fuzzy supplement frequent pattern mining based on advanced pattern-aware dynamic search strategy and an effective FSFP-array technique.
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The Strong Local Diagnosability of a Hypercube Network with Missing Edges.
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Augmenting Indoor Inertial Tracking with Polarized Light.
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Reconstructing Hand Poses Using Visible Light.
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Empirical Analysis and Modeling of the Activity Dilemmas in Big Social Networks.
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Customizing indoor wireless coverage via 3D-fabricated reflectors.
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Position: Augmenting Inertial Tracking with Light.
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GF(2n) Redundant Representation Using Matrix Embedding for Irreducible Trinomials.
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Automating 3D wireless measurements with drones.
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Between Mutual Trust and Mutual Distrust: Practical Fine-grained Privilege Separation in Multithreaded Applications.
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SmartGuide: Towards Single-image Building Localization with Smartphone.
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Defeating buffer overflow attacks via virtualization.
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Bit-Parallel GF(2n) Squarer Using Shifted Polynomial Basis.
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The web interface should be radically refactored.
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Integrating Offline Analysis and Online Protection to Defeat Buffer Overflow Attacks.
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Using Purpose Capturing Signatures to Defeat Computer Virus Mutating.
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SHELF: Preserving Business Continuity and Availability in an Intrusion Recovery System.
Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, 2009