Xianyi Zeng

According to our database1, Xianyi Zeng authored at least 105 papers between 1998 and 2021.

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Development of an Intelligent Data-Driven System to Recommend Personalized Fashion Design Solutions.
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An interpretable knowledge-based decision support system and its applications in pregnancy diagnosis.
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A deep reinforcement learning based multi-criteria decision support system for optimizing textile chemical process.
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Determinations of 3D ease allowance in a virtual environment for customized garment design using fuzzy modelling.
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An interactive knowledge-based recommender system for fashion product design in the big data environment.
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Multi-Objective Optimization of the Textile Manufacturing Process Using Deep-Q-Network Based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning.
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A reinforcement learning based decision support system in textile manufacturing process.
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Disturbance Rejection Control With Voltage Constraint for Electro-Hydraulic System Involving Unknown Dead-Zones and Drastic Supply Pressure Variation.
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Multi-Fault Diagnosis of an Aero-Engine Control System Using Joint Sliding Mode Observers.
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An Application of Machine Learning to Marker Prediction in Garment Industry: Marker Length Estimation by Neural Network for the Exponentially Increasing Magnitude of Possible Size Combinations.
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Development of a Textile Coding Tag for the Traceability in Textile Supply Chain by Using Pattern Recognition and Robust Deep Learning.
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Linear hybrid-variable methods for advection equations.
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Associate Design of Fashion Sketch and Pattern.
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Knowledge-Based Open Performance Measurement System (KBO-PMS) for a Garment Product Development Process in Big Data Environment.
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A Linearization Model of Turbofan Engine for Intelligent Analysis Towards Industrial Internet of Things.
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A Detailed Review of Artificial Intelligence Applied in the Fashion and Apparel Industry.
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An Evaluation of Value-Loss of Knowledge Employees.
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An IoT-based wearable system using accelerometers and machine learning for fetal movement monitoring.
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A parallel Lagrange algorithm for order acceptance and scheduling in cluster supply chains.
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3D interactive garment pattern-making technology.
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A new mathematical model of a college-enterprise cooperation system.
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Da and His Friends in France.
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