Chun Li

According to our database1, Chun Li authored at least 61 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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A mixed noise removal algorithm based on multi-fidelity modeling with nonsmooth and nonconvex regularization.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2019

Foreground Mask Guided Network for Crowd Counting.
Proceedings of the PRICAI 2019: Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 2019

Accurate Identification of Electrical Equipment from Power Load Profiles.
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A testing data validity assessment method and testing data validation platform based on SOA.
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Improvement of Moderate Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Classification by Introducing Adjacent Region Features.
Remote Sensing, 2018

Modeling Urban Collaborative Growth Dynamics Using a Multiscale Simulation Model for the Wuhan Urban Agglomeration Area, China.
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Solutions with minimal period for non-autonomous second-order Hamiltonian systems.
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Cooperative Search of Multiple Robots with a Distributed Algorithm.
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An Multipurpose Optimization Equivalent Filter in Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Output Fluctuation Suppression of Photovoltaic Generation Systems.
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Interoperability Progress and Remaining Data Quality Barriers of Certified Health Information Technologies.
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An applicable real-time thermal model for temperature prediction of permanent magnet synchronous motor.
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A practical implementation of 3D TTI reverse time migration with multi-GPUs.
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Infinitely many periodic solutions for a class of new superquadratic second-order Hamiltonian systems.
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A Behavior Analysis Method Towards Product Quality Management.
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The Transporter Classification Database (TCDB): recent advances.
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Extracting hand articulations from monocular depth images using curvature scale space descriptors.
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Study on transient structure characteristics of round liquid jet in supersonic crossflows.
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Tailoring electromagnetically induced transparency effect of terahertz metamaterials on ultrathin substrate.
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A Resampling Based Clustering Algorithm for Replicated Gene Expression Data.
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Optimal dividend strategies in a delayed claim risk model with dividends discounted by stochastic interest rates.
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Dual relations and the branch-dualising rule of the duality principle.
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MetaDiff: differential isoform expression analysis using random-effects meta-regression.
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A haplotype-based framework for group-wise transmission/disequilibrium tests for rare variant association analysis.
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On the existence of minimal periodic solutions for a class of second-order Hamiltonian systems.
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A computational method of predicting regulatory interactions in Arabidopsis based on gene expression data and sequence information.
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Real-Time Broadcast System for Android System.
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A Data Hiding Method for Image Retargeting.
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An evaluation of allele frequency estimation accuracy using pooled sequencing data.
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Efficient Mining of Gap-Constrained Subsequences and Its Various Applications.
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Angular distribution of terahertz emission from laser interactions with solid targets.
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On crystal sets.
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A Hierarchical Representation Policy Iteration Algorithm for Reinforcement Learning.
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Some important inequalities for g-expectation and Choquet expectation.
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Supporting Mobile Learners: An Action Research Project.
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Enriching targeted sequencing experiments for rare disease alleles.
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On Anonymization of Multi-graphs.
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MicroSSB: A Lightweight Framework for On-line Distributed Application based on Soft System Bus.
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An information-theoretic approach to the prediction of protein structural class.
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DCGL: an R package for identifying differentially coexpressed genes and links from gene expression microarray data.
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Classification and Diagnosis of Syndromes in Chinese Medicine in the Context of Coronary Heart Disease Model Based on Data Mining Methods.
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Accuracy of classical conservation laws for Hamiltonian PDEs under Runge-Kutta discretizations.
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Explicit multi-symplectic methods for Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger equations.
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ATOM: a powerful gene-based association test by combining optimally weighted markers.
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Simultaneous Molecular and Hypoxia Imaging of Brain Tumors In Vivo Using Spectroscopic Photoacoustic Tomography.
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GWAsimulator: a rapid whole-genome simulation program.
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Particle swarm optimization for SNP haplotype reconstruction problem.
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A Decentralized Approach to the Conflict-Free Motion Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots.
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