Xu Cheng

According to our database1, Xu Cheng authored at least 61 papers between 1991 and 2019.

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Vibration Detection and Motion Compensation for Multi-Frequency Phase-Shifting-Based 3D Sensors.
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High-Accuracy Globally Consistent Surface Reconstruction Using Fringe Projection Profilometry.
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Secure Identity Authentication of Community Medical Internet of Things.
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Modeling and Analysis of Motion Data from Dynamically Positioned Vessels for Sea State Estimation.
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Adaptive Waveform Design of Polarimetric Radar for Extended Targets in Signal-Dependent Clutter.
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A Robot-Driven 3D Shape Measurement System for Automatic Quality Inspection of Thermal Objects on a Forging Production Line.
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Multi-bit Decentralized Detection of a Weak Signal in Wireless Sensor Networks with a Rao test.
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Robust Waveform and Filter Bank Design of Polarimetric Radar.
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High voltage charge pump circuit using vertical parallel plate capacitors.
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Injustice: interactive live action virtual reality experience.
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Optimizing polarimetrie radar waveform and filter bank for extended targets in clutter.
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INJUSTICE: Interactive Live Action Virtual Reality Experience.
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Learning triadic influence in large social networks.
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A Branch-and-Cut algorithm for factory crane scheduling problem.
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Target scattering estimation in clutter with polarization optimization.
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Understanding Video Sharing Propagation in Social Networks: Measurement and Analysis.

BF-Matrix: A Secondary Index for the Cloud Storage.
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Insight Data of YouTube from a Partner's View.
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A High Linearity VHF Programmable Gain LNA.
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Dynamic Table: A Scalable Storage Structure in the Cloud.
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Improved Particle Swarm Optimization For Traveling Salesman Problem.
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Research on hydropower station optimal scheduling considering ecological water demand.
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Exploring interest correlation for peer-to-peer socialized video sharing.

Coordinate Live Streaming and Storage Sharing for Social Media Content Distribution.
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Dynamic Table: A Layered and Configurable Storage Structure in the Cloud.
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A Filter and Fan Based Algorithm for Slab Rehandling Problem in MPA of Steel Industry.
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An integrated and automated memory optimization flow for FPGA behavioral synthesis.
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Pitfalls of re-sharing BitTorrent contents: The failure of daily pattern.
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Load-balanced migration of social media to content clouds.
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Advanced control design for boiler-turbine unit.
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Communities discovery in mobile call records.
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Dual-Vth leakage reduction with Fast Clock Skew Scheduling Enhancement.
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LOHD: Location-Oblivious Hybrid data Diffusion in wireless sensor networks.
Ad Hoc Networks, 2009

Accelerating YouTube with video correlation.
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Hierarchical Distributed Data Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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NetTube: Exploring Social Networks for Peer-to-Peer Short Video Sharing.
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Prognostic and Warning System for Power-Electronic Modules in Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel-Cell Vehicles.
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An approach for supporting system-level test scenarios generation from textual use cases.
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2008

Statistics and Social Network of YouTube Videos.
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Hybrid PUSH-PULL for Data Diffusion in Sensor Networks without Location Information.
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