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According to our database1, Yuan Zhao authored at least 100 papers between 1998 and 2019.

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Are My EHRs Private Enough? Event-Level Privacy Protection.
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Thermoacoustic Tomography of In Vivo Human Finger Joints.
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Detection of Unresolved Targets for Wideband Monopulse Radar.
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A Switched-Element System Based Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation Method for Un-Cooperative Wideband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multi Linear Frequency Modulation (OFDM-LFM) Radar Signals.
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A Unified Framework for Bug Report Assignment.
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Safety Protection of E-Commerce Logistics Information Data Under The Background Of Big Data.
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Passive Localization Algorithm for Spaceborne SAR Using NYFR and Sparse Bayesian Learning.
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A Novel Hybrid Model for Wind Speed Prediction Based on VMD and Neural Network Considering Atmospheric Uncertainties.
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Towards Generating Cost-Effective Test-Suite for Ethereum Smart Contract.
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Determining Topological Relations of Fuzzy Spatiotemporal Regions Over Time in XML.
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The Impact of Crypto-Currency Risks on the Use of Blockchain for Cloud Security and Privacy.
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Subarray-based FDA radar to counteract deceptive ECM signals.
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An Adjustable Access Control Scheme in Cognitive Radio Networks with Multiple Secondary Users.
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Range resolution improvement of range gated lidar system by phase coded method.
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Leakage Fingerprints: A Non-negligible Vulnerability in Side-Channel Analysis.
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Evaluation of dosage effect of position numbers in IMRT for breast cancer.
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The similar scholar recommendation in Schol@t.
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