Xin Tian

According to our database1, Xin Tian authored at least 59 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Discovering Underlying Plans Based on Shallow Models.
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Sector Piezoelectric Sensor Array Transmitter Beamforming MUSIC Algorithm Based Structure Damage Imaging Method.
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A new approach of social media analytics to predict service quality: evidence from the airline industry.
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Physically-based landslide prediction over a large region: Scaling low-resolution hydrological model results for high-resolution slope stability assessment.
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A Localization and Tracking Approach in NLOS Environment Based on Distance and Angle Probability Model.
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Information Seeking and Online Deal Seeking Behavior.
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Identifying customer knowledge on social media through data analytics.
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Innovating the customer loyalty program with social media.
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Optimal salinity and water level control of water courses using Model Predictive Control.
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ERNIE: Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration.
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Chaos enhanced grey wolf optimization wrapped ELM for diagnosis of paraquat-poisoned patients.
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Context Gating with Short Temporal Information for Video Captioning.
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Influence of Noise Frequency on Secondary Sound Source Layout for a Duct Active Noise Control System.
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A Novel 5-DOF Hybrid Robot Without Singularity Configurations.
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Multimodal Retinal Image Registration and Fusion Based on Sparse Regularization via a Generalized Minimax-concave Penalty.
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Effects of Evidence-Based Malware Cybersecurity Training on Employees.
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Modeling Orbital Error in InSAR Interferogram Using Frequency and Spatial Domain Based Methods.
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Bias Removal for Goldstein Filtering Power Using a Second Kind Statistical Coherence Estimator.
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Evaluating Different Methods for Estimating Diameter at Breast Height from Terrestrial Laser Scanning.
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Measuring and comparing service quality metrics through social media analytics: a case study.
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5-Hydroxymethylome in Circulating Cell-free DNA as A Potential Biomarker for Non-small-cell Lung Cancer.
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Coordination of SMES, SFCL and Distributed Generation Units for Micro-Grid Stability Enhancement via Wireless Communications.
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K-Means Clustering for Controversial Issues Merging in Chinese Legal Texts.
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Seizure Prediction In EEG Records Based On Spatial-Frequency Features And Preictal Period Selection.
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Simulation of pedestrian flow with evading and surpassing behavior in a walking passageway.
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Working with communities on social media: Varieties in the use of Facebook and Twitter by local police.
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E-Commerce Decision Model Based on Auto-Learning.
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Identification of Genes Involved in Breast Cancer Metastasis by Integrating Protein-Protein Interaction Information with Expression Data.
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A longitudinal study of user queries and browsing requests in a case-based reasoning retrieval system.
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An Enhanced Grey Wolf Optimization Based Feature Selection Wrapped Kernel Extreme Learning Machine for Medical Diagnosis.
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Developing a workflow approach for mining online social media data.
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Colloidal quantum dots based integrated fiber-optic detector.
Proceedings of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, 2017

A GRADE Requirements Engineering Management Model Based on the Co-creation of Value.
Proceedings of the Learning Technology for Education Challenges, 2017

Actionable Social Media Competitive Analytics For Understanding Customer Experiences.
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Using the Ranking-Based KNN Approach for Drug Repositioning Based on Multiple Information.
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Discovering Underlying Plans Based on Distributed Representations of Actions.
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Mining Online Hotel Reviews: A Case Study from Hotels in China.
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Functional Networks Analysis from Multi Neuronal Spike Trains on Prefrontal Cortex of Rat during Working Memory Task and Neuronal Network Simulation.
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Incorporating transport over water in the multi-objective water management of the Lake IJssel area in The Netherlands.
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Machine Vision Applications in Agricultural Food Logistics.
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Detection of Fruit Skin Defects Using Machine Vision System.
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Performance and Risk Management of Real Estate Enterprises.
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