Yasuo Tabei

According to our database1, Yasuo Tabei authored at least 53 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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PARASOL: a hybrid approximation approach for scalable frequent itemset mining in streaming data.
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A compressed dynamic self-index for highly repetitive text collections.
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Space-Efficient Feature Maps for String Alignment Kernels.
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Faster Queries on BWT-runs Compressed Indexes.
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Succinct Trit-array Trie for Scalable Trajectory Similarity Search.
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Enumeration of LCP values, LCP intervals and Maximal repeats in BWT-runs Bounded Space.
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Dynamic Path-Decomposed Tries.
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Statistically Discriminative Sub-trajectory Mining.
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Approximate-Closed-Itemset Mining for Streaming Data Under Resource Constraint.
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Network-based characterization of drug-protein interaction signatures with a space-efficient approach.
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Predicting drug-induced transcriptome responses of a wide range of human cell lines by a novel tensor-train decomposition algorithm.
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Statistically Discriminative Sub-trajectory Mining with Multiple Testing Correction.
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LZRR: LZ77 Parsing with Right Reference.
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Conversion from RLBWT to LZ77.
Proceedings of the 30th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, 2019

b-Bit Sketch Trie: Scalable Similarity Search on Integer Sketches.
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Scalable Alignment Kernels via Space-Efficient Feature Maps.
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Scalable Machine Learning on Compact Data Representations.
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A Dynamic Compressed Self-Index for Highly Repetitive Text Collections.
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Simultaneous prediction of enzyme orthologs from chemical transformation patterns for de novo metabolic pathway reconstruction.
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siEDM: An Efficient String Index and Search Algorithm for Edit Distance with Moves.
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Scalable Partial Least Squares Regression on Grammar-Compressed Data Matrices.
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Metabolome-scale de novo pathway reconstruction using regioisomer-sensitive graph alignments.
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Queries on LZ-Bounded Encodings.
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Rank, select and access in grammar-compressed strings.
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Metabolome-scale prediction of intermediate compounds in multistep metabolic pathways with a recursive supervised approach.
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Online Pattern Matching for String Edit Distance with Moves.
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Finding Ambiguous Patterns on Grammar Compressed String.
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Fully Online Grammar Compression in Constant Space.
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Scalable prediction of compound-protein interactions using minwise hashing.
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KCF-S: KEGG Chemical Function and Substructure for improved interpretability and prediction in chemical bioinformatics.
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Inferring protein domains associated with drug side effects based on drug-target interaction network.
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A Succinct Grammar Compression.
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PoSSuM: a database of similar protein-ligand binding and putative pockets.
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Identification of chemogenomic features from drug-target interaction networks using interpretable classifiers.
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Succinct Multibit Tree: Compact Representation of Multibit Trees by Using Succinct Data Structures in Chemical Fingerprint Searches.
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Variable-Length Codes for Space-Efficient Grammar-Based Compression.
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Kernel-based Similarity Search in Massive Graph Databases with Wavelet Trees.
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Software.ncrna.org: web servers for analyses of RNA sequences.
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