Yinghui Zhang

According to our database1, Yinghui Zhang authored at least 86 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Feature augmentation for imbalanced classification with conditional mixture WGANs.
Sig. Proc.: Image Comm., 2019

DABKE: Secure deniable attribute-based key exchange framework.
Journal of Computer Security, 2019

A factor graph model for unsupervised feature selection.
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Comments on "A Large-Scale Concurrent Data Anonymous Batch Verification Scheme for Mobile Healthcare Crowd Sensing".
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A Near-Optimal Iterative Linear Precoding With Low Complexity for Massive MIMO Systems.
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Cyclostationarity-based DOA estimation algorithms for coherent signals in impulsive noise environments.
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An automatic diagnostic network using skew-robust adversarial discriminative domain adaptation to evaluate the severity of depression.
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Secure and flexible keyword search over encrypted data with outsourced decryption in Internet of things.
Annales des Télécommunications, 2019

Efficient and privacy-preserving traceable attribute-based encryption in blockchain.
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PPSHA: Privacy preserving secure handover authentication scheme for all application scenarios in LTE-A networks.
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Energy-Efficient Multilevel Heterogeneous Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Mining of Probabilistic Controlling Behavior Model From Dynamic Software Execution Trace.
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ObliDC: An SGX-based Oblivious Distributed Computing Framework with Formal Proof.
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Efficient and secure big data storage system with leakage resilience in cloud computing.
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Optimal design of energy efficient two-tier HetNets with massive MIMO by coordinated multipoint beamforming.
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Secure smart health with privacy-aware aggregate authentication and access control in Internet of Things.
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A Mixture Model for Image Boundary Detection Fusion.
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Improved time difference of arrival estimation algorithms for cyclostationary signals in α-stable impulsive noise.
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Secure attribute-based data sharing for resource-limited users in cloud computing.
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Fine-Grained Access Control Systems Suitable for Resource-Constrained Users in Cloud Computing.
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Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Medical Data Sharing in Internet of Things With Limited Computing Power.
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Decorrelating Receiver of Interference Mitigation in MMwave Small Cells Networks.
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TKSE: Trustworthy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data With Two-Side Verifiability via Blockchain.
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A Novel Diversity Receiver Design for Cooperative Transmission System.
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Smart Grid Power Trading Based on Consortium Blockchain in Internet of Things.
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SybMatch: Sybil Detection for Privacy-Preserving Task Matching in Crowdsourcing.
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Towards privacy protection and malicious behavior traceability in smart health.
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Transport capacity of cooperative cognitive radio ad hoc networks.
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Efficient and Privacy-Aware Power Injection over AMI and Smart Grid Slice in Future 5G Networks.
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Ensuring attribute privacy protection and fast decryption for outsourced data security in mobile cloud computing.
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Expressive ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption with direct user revocation.
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Characterizing Linear Structures of Boolean Functions from Arithmetic Walsh Transform.
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A Random Forest Regression Method With Selected-Text Feature For Depression Assessment.
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Tensor-Based Channel Estimation for Cooperative Diversity Scheme in the Presence of Timing and Frequency Offsets.
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Global Existence and Convergence Rates for the Strong Solutions in H2 to the 3D Chemotaxis Model.
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Multi-asperity based friction modelling and haptic rendering in virtual environments.
PhD thesis, 2006

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