Yun Song

According to our database1, Yun Song authored at least 34 papers between 2012 and 2020.

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A 1 V, 0.53 ns, 59 μW Current Comparator Using Standard 0.18 μm CMOS Technology.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2020

An efficient tensor completion method via truncated nuclear norm.
J. Vis. Commun. Image Represent., 2020

Hybrid stopping model-based fast PU and CU decision for 3D-HEVC texture coding.
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Waiting Time Minimized Charging and Discharging Strategy Based on Mobile Edge Computing Supported by Software-Defined Network.
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Local and nonlocal constraints for compressed sensing video and multi-view image recovery.
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Differentiate Quality of Experience Scheduling for Deep Learning Applications with Docker Containers in the Cloud.
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Secure Communication Scheme Based on a New 5D Multistable Four-Wing Memristive Hyperchaotic System with Disturbance Inputs.
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CCII and FPGA Realization: A Multistable Modified Fourth-Order Autonomous Chua's Chaotic System with Coexisting Multiple Attractors.
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Nonlinear Double-Image Encryption in Cylindrical Diffraction-Based Scheme by Aid of Position Multiplexing.
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A Decision Function Based Smart Charging and Discharging Strategy for Electric Vehicle in Smart Grid.
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Low-Dose CT Image Restoration Based on Adaptive <i>Prior</i> Feature Matching and Nonlocal Means.
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Analysis and FPGA Realization of a Novel 5D Hyperchaotic Four-Wing Memristive System, Active Control Synchronization, and Secure Communication Application.
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Design and FPGA Implementation of a Pseudorandom Number Generator Based on a Four-Wing Memristive Hyperchaotic System and Bernoulli Map.
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Low-Rank Tensor Completion for Image and Video Recovery via Capped Nuclear Norm.
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Target-based Resource Allocation for Deep Learning Applications in a Multi-tenancy System.
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A dynamic multiparty quantum direct secret sharing based on generalized GHZ states.
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Robust and parallel Uyghur text localization in complex background images.
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Fast CU size decision and mode decision algorithm for intra prediction in HEVC.
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Residual domain dictionary learning for compressed sensing video recovery.
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Attribute-based signcryption scheme based on linear codes.
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Design of new scan orders for perceptual encryption of H.264/AVC videos.
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The optimal information rate for graph access structures of nine participants.
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Empirical Study of Chinese Stock Market Structural Changes Based on Dissipative Structure Theory.
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