Zhilin Zhang

According to our database1, Zhilin Zhang authored at least 47 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Repeatable Oblivious Shuffling of Large Outsourced Data Blocks.
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Flag-transitive point-quasiprimitive automorphism groups of 2-designs with λ≤4.
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Spiral of Silence in Recommender Systems.
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A Robust Random Forest-Based Approach for Heart Rate Monitoring Using Photoplethysmography Signal Contaminated by Intense Motion Artifacts.
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Towards Efficient Incremental Representation for Short Texts in Social Media.
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Revisiting Security Risks of Asymmetric Scalar Product Preserving Encryption and Its Variants.
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A new approach for heart rate monitoring using photoplethysmography signals contaminated by motion artifacts.
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Undergraduate Students Compete in the IEEE Signal Processing Cup: Part 3 [SP Education].
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Combining ensemble empirical mode decomposition with spectrum subtraction technique for heart rate monitoring using wrist-type photoplethysmography.
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Identifying the Neuroanatomical Basis of Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease by Correlation- and Nonlinearity-Aware Sparse Bayesian Learning.
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ZrO2 insulator modified by a thin Al2O3 film to enhance the performance of InGaZnO thin-film transistor.
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Training-free non-intrusive load monitoring of electric vehicle charging with low sampling rate.
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Heart rate monitoring from wrist-type photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals during intensive physical exercise.
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Use of Ontology and Cluster Ensembles for Geospatial Clustering Analysis.
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Extension of SBL Algorithms for the Recovery of Block Sparse Signals With Intra-Block Correlation.
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Sparse signal recovery exploiting spatiotemporal correlation.
PhD thesis, 2012

Evolving Signal Processing for Brain-Computer Interfaces.
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A novel parking control algorithm for a car-like mobile robot.
Proceedings of 9th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, 2012

Recovery of block sparse signals using the framework of block sparse Bayesian learning.
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Sparse Bayesian multi-task learning for predicting cognitive outcomes from neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer's disease.
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Efficient co-doped white organic light-emitting diodes with high color stability and color rendering index.
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A blue organic light emitting diodes with graded junction.
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