Zhiwei Xu

According to our database1, Zhiwei Xu authored at least 140 papers between 1984 and 2020.

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NADE: nodes performance awareness and accurate distance evaluation for degraded read in heterogeneous distributed erasure code-based storage.
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ZyCube: An In-House Mini-Cluster for Agilely Developing and Conducting Computer Systems Course Projects.
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Peeking the Impact of Points of Interests on Didi.
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RL and ANN Based Modular Path Planning Controller for Resource-Constrained Robots in the Indoor Complex Dynamic Environment.
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T-Suite: A RESTful Distributed Development and Runtime Environment on Things Devices.
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The FPGA Implementation of Real-Time Spotlight SAR Imaging.
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WebletScript: A Lightweight Distributed JavaScript Engine for Internet of Things.
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KLRA: A Kernel Level Resource Auditing Tool For IoT Operating System Security.
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IMR: High-Performance Low-Cost Multi-Ring NoCs.
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What If Routers Are Malicious? Mitigating Content Poisoning Attack in NDN.
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