Alessio Franci

According to our database1, Alessio Franci authored at least 31 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Control of Agreement and Disagreement Cascades with Distributed Inputs.
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Positive Dynamical Networks in Neuronal Regulation: How Tunable Variability Coexists With Robustness.
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Patterns of Nonlinear Opinion Formation on Networks.
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A General Model of Opinion Dynamics with Tunable Sensitivity.
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A notion of equivalence for linear complementarity problems with application to the design of non-smooth bifurcations.
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Cellular switches orchestrate rhythmic circuits.
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On-line detection of qualitative dynamical changes in nonlinear systems: The resting-oscillation case.
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Control by neuromodulation: A tutorial.
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Multiagent Decision-Making Dynamics Inspired by Honeybees.
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Switchable slow cellular conductances determine robustness and tunability of network states.
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Social decision-making driven by artistic explore-exploit tension.
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Feedback Controlled Bifurcation of Evolutionary Dynamics with Generalized Fitness.
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Implementing robust neuromodulation in neuromorphic circuits.
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Excitable behaviors.
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