Baofeng Zhang

According to our database1, Baofeng Zhang authored at least 32 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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Infrared Handprint Classification Using Deep Convolution Neural Network.
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Financing a risk-averse manufacturer in a pull contract: early payment versus retailer investment.
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Determining the Image Base of Smart Device Firmware for Security Analysis.
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Inventory financing a risk-averse newsvendor with strategic default.
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Mechanism of Drag Reduction in Floating Plate of Paddy Field Based on CFD.
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Algorithm Design for Edge Detection of High-Speed Moving Target Image under Noisy Environment.
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Centralized fixed cost allocation for generalized two-stage network DEA.
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Service and pricing strategies with competition and cooperation in a dual-channel supply chain with demand disruption.
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汽车喷油器噪声测量系统的设计 (Design of Noise Measurement System for Automobile Injector).
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Unsupervised Cross-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition Using Domain-Adaptive Subspace Learning.
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Super Wide Regression Network for Unsupervised Cross-Database Facial Expression Recognition.
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Efficient gaussian density formulation of volume and surface areas of macromolecules on graphical processing units.
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A methodology for determining the image base of ARM-based industrial control system firmware.
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