Bo Dong

According to our database1, Bo Dong authored at least 81 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Identifying suspicious groups of affiliated-transaction-based tax evasion in big data.
Inf. Sci., 2019

Secure Content Delivery With Edge Nodes to Save Caching Resources for Mobile Users in Green Cities.
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Associate multi-task scheduling algorithm based on self-adaptive inertia weight particle swarm optimization with disruption operator and chaos operator in cloud environment.
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Integer Matrix Approximation and Data Mining.
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A Foreword to the Special Issue in Honor of Professor Bernardo Cockburn on His 60th Birthday: A Life Time of Discontinuous Schemings.
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Torque sensorless decentralized neuro-optimal control for modular and reconfigurable robots with uncertain environments.
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IRTED-TL: An Inter-Region Tax Evasion Detection Method Based on Transfer Learning.
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Maritime Fleet Deployment with Speed Optimization and Voyage Separation Requirements.
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Measuring Student's Utilization of Video Resources and Its Effect on Academic Performance.
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Container-VM-PM Architecture: A Novel Architecture for Docker Container Placement.
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Optimally Convergent HDG Method for Third-Order Korteweg-de Vries Type Equations.
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Efficiently counting affine roots of mixed trigonometric polynomial systems.
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Decentralized Control of Harmonic Drive Based Modular Robot Manipulator using only Position Measurements: Theory and Experimental Verification.
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Deadlock-free migration for virtual machine consolidation using Chicken Swarm Optimization algorithm.
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Blur kernel estimation using sparsity and local smoothness prior.
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Meal-time and duration monitoring using wearable sensors.
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A Learning-Based Decentralized Optimal Control Method for Modular and Reconfigurable Robots with Uncertain Environment.
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A New Formulation for the Combined Maritime Fleet Deployment and Inventory Management Problem.
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Mining Suspicious Tax Evasion Groups in a Corporate Governance Network.
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FUSION: An Online Method for Multistream Classification.
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Multistream regression with asynchronous concept drift detection.
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Superconvergent HDG methods for linear, stationary, third-order equations in one-space dimension.
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Visualization of asphaltene deposition effects on porosity and permeability during CO2 flooding in porous media.
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A New Multiscale Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the One-Dimensional Stationary Schrödinger Equation.
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Automated Quality Assessment of Cardiac MR Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks.
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Decentralized adaptive neural network sliding mode control for reconfigurable manipulators with data-based modeling.
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Measurement-based editing of diffuse albedo with consistent interreflections.
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PWLM3-based automatic performance model estimation method for HDFS write and read operations.
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Probabilistic Modeling Towards Understanding the Power Law Distribution of Video Viewing Behavior in Large-Scale e-Learning.
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Optimal Resource Provisioning Approach based on Cost Modeling for Spark Applications in Public Clouds.
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Deep learning for automatic cell detection in wide-field microscopy zebrafish images.
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A Multi-objective Ant Colony Algorithm for Deployment Optimization of Internetware Application.
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Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm Based on BBO for Virtual Machine Consolidation Problem.
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2015

Sliding mode position/force control for constrained reconfigurable manipulator based on adaptive neural network.
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Through-Substrate Event Reporting Using Harvested Energy in Ultrasound Sensor Networks.
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Exploiting Eye Tracking for Smartphone Authentication.
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A pulse switching paradigm for ultra low power cellular sensor networks.
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2014

Robust continuation methods for tracing solution curves of parameterized systems.
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Nonnegative rank factorization - a heuristic approach via rank reduction.
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A symmetric homotopy and hybrid polynomial system solving method for mixed trigonometric polynomial systems.
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Performance models and dynamic characteristics analysis for HDFS write and read operations: A systematic view.
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Privacy-Preserving Channel Access for Internet of Things.
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Clustering Human Wrist Pulse Signals via Multiple Criteria Decision Making.
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Three-Dimensional Deconvolution of Wide Field Microscopy with Sparse Priors: Application to Zebrafish Imagery.
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Big Log Analysis for E-Learning Ecosystem.
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Cellular Pulse Switching: An Architecture for Event Sensing and Localization in Sensor Networks.
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Embedded fiber-optic sensors in carbon fiber composites for temperature-insensitive and intensity-modulated microdisplacement measurement.
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Comparing metabolic energy expenditure estimation using wearable multi-sensor network and single accelerometer.
Proceedings of the 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2013

Wearable diet monitoring through breathing signal analysis.
Proceedings of the 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2013

A Mobile Food Intake Monitoring System based on Breathing Signal Analysis.
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An optimized approach for storing and accessing small files on cloud storage.
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Civil Explosives Distribution Management Information.
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A cellular pulse switching architecture for binary event sensing.
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Swallow monitoring through apnea detection in breathing signal.
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Wearable networked sensing for human mobility and activity analytics: A systems study.
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Study on Distribution Route Choice for Explosive.
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Hadoop high availability through metadata replication.
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