Vijay S. Pande

According to our database1, Vijay S. Pande authored at least 67 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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Dynamical model of the CLC-2 ion channel reveals conformational changes associated with selectivity-filter gating.
PLoS Comput. Biol., 2020

Strategies for Pre-training Graph Neural Networks.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Learning Representations, 2020

Pre-training Graph Neural Networks.
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Step Change Improvement in ADMET Prediction with PotentialNet Deep Featurization.
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Solving the RNA design problem with reinforcement learning.
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Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning of Heat Transport via Physics Informed Loss.
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Improved Training with Curriculum GANs.
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Deep Learning Phase Segregation.
CoRR, 2018

Note: Variational Encoding of Protein Dynamics Benefits from Maximizing Latent Autocorrelation.
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Spatial Graph Convolutions for Drug Discovery.
CoRR, 2018

SentRNA: Improving computational RNA design by incorporating a prior of human design strategies.
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Using Deep Learning for Segmentation and Counting within Microscopy Data.
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Decision functions from supervised machine learning algorithms as collective variables for accelerating molecular simulations.
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Graph Convolutional Policy Network for Goal-Directed Molecular Graph Generation.
Proceedings of the Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31: Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems 2018, 2018

OpenMM 7: Rapid development of high performance algorithms for molecular dynamics.
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MDEntropy: Information-Theoretic Analyses for Molecular Dynamics.
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MSMExplorer: Data Visualizations for Biomolecular Dynamics.
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Efficient gaussian density formulation of volume and surface areas of macromolecules on graphical processing units.
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Deep Learning the Physics of Transport Phenomena.
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MoleculeNet: A Benchmark for Molecular Machine Learning.
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Retrosynthetic reaction prediction using neural sequence-to-sequence models.
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Atomic Convolutional Networks for Predicting Protein-Ligand Binding Affinity.
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Osprey: Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning.
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Computational Modeling of β-Secretase 1 (BACE-1) Inhibitors Using Ligand Based Approaches.
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ROCS-derived features for virtual screening.
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Molecular graph convolutions: moving beyond fingerprints.
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Learning Protein Dynamics with Metastable Switching Systems.
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Low Data Drug Discovery with One-shot Learning.
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Massively Multitask Networks for Drug Discovery.
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Simbios: an NIH national center for physics-based simulation of biological structures.
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CAMPAIGN: an open-source library of GPU-accelerated data clustering algorithms.
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Non-Bulk-Like Solvent Behavior in the Ribosome Exit Tunnel.
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Atomic-Resolution Simulations Predict a Transition State for Vesicle Fusion Defined by Contact of a Few Lipid Tails.
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SCISSORS: A Linear-Algebraical Technique to Rapidly Approximate Chemical Similarities.
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Multiscale Dynamics of Macromolecules Using Normal Mode Langevin.
Proceedings of the Biocomputing 2010: Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium, 2010

Constructing Multi-Resolution Markov State Models (MSMs) to Elucidate RNA Hairpin Folding Mechanisms.
Proceedings of the Biocomputing 2010: Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium, 2010

Hard Data on Soft Errors: A Large-Scale Assessment of Real-World Error Rates in GPGPU.
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Accelerating molecular dynamic simulation on the cell processor and Playstation 3.
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Accelerating molecular dynamic simulation on graphics processing units.
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A Multiscale Approach to Sampling Nascent Peptide Chains in the Ribosomal Exit Tunnel.
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Combining Mutual Information with Structural Analysis to Screen for Functionally Important Residues in Influenza Hemagglutinin.
Proceedings of the Biocomputing 2009: Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium, 2009

Thalweg: A framework for programming 1, 000 machines with 1, 000 cores.
Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, 2009

Folding@home: Lessons from eight years of volunteer distributed computing.
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N-Body Simulations on GPUs
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Persistent voids: a new structural metric for membrane fusion.
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Storage@home: Petascale Distributed Storage.
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Poster reception - N-Body simulation on GPUs.
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Computational Simulation of Lipid Bilayer Reorientation at Gaps.
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