Qiang Wei

According to our database1, Qiang Wei authored at least 116 papers between 2000 and 2019.

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Identifying Complements and Substitutes of Products: A Neural Network Framework Based on Product Embedding.
TKDD, 2019

ER-Fuzz:Conditional Code Removed Fuzzing.
TIIS, 2019

Joint optimal decision of the shared distribution system through revenue-sharing and cooperative investment contracts.
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Privacy-aware cross-cloud service recommendations based on Boolean historical invocation records.
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Deep learning based personalized recommendation with multi-view information integration.
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De novo pattern discovery enables robust assessment of functional consequences of non-coding variants.
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Goal-based Course Recommendation.
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Personalized Promotion Recommendation Through Consumer Experience Evolution Modeling.
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Flexible, Secure, and Reliable Data Sharing Service Based on Collaboration in Multicloud Environment.
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CAFA: A Checksum-Aware Fuzzing Assistant Tool for Coverage Improvement.
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Extracting psychiatric stressors for suicide from social media using deep learning.
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A temporal consistency method for online review ranking.
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How "small" reflects "large"? - Representative information measurement and extraction.
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Transient Stability Enhancement Brought by Rotor Angle Droop Control When Tie-line Faults Happen.
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The Research and Construction of Complaint Orders Classification Corpus in Mobile Customer Service.
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Deep Transfer Learning via Minimum Enclosing Balls.
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An Image Matching Algorithm based on Mutual Information for Small Dimensionality Target.
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Detecting PLC Program Malicious Behaviors Based on State Verification.
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An Improved Offline Symbolic Execution Approach.
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CLAMP-PA: A machine learning based pre-annotation pipeline for corpus construction of clinical concepts.
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Clinical text annotation - what factors are associated with the cost of time?
Proceedings of the AMIA 2018, 2018

Power Balancing Investigation of Grid-Side Series-Connected Current Source Inverters in Wind Conversion Systems.
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Extracting Representative Information on Intra-Organizational Blogging Platforms.
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A Dynamic Defense Using Client Puzzle for Identity-Forgery Attack on the South-Bound of Software Defined Networks.
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Content and Structure Coverage: Extracting a Diverse Information Subset.
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Finding competitive keywords from query logs to enhance search engine advertising.
Information & Management, 2017

Finding users preferences from large-scale online reviews for personalized recommendation.
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A systematic analysis of FDA-approved anticancer drugs.
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Cancer driver gene discovery through an integrative genomics approach in a non-parametric Bayesian framework.
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UTH_CCB System for Adverse Drug Reaction Extraction from Drug Labels at TAC-ADR 2017.
Proceedings of the 2017 Text Analysis Conference, 2017

An interval type-2 fuzzy model for review topic based recommendation.
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Analysis on the performance of several data association algorithms using Doppler information.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Natural Computation, 2017

DP-MFTD algorithm based on the conditional probability ratio accumulation model.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Natural Computation, 2017

Overcoming the Crowding-Out Effect of Monetary Incentive on Pro-Social Behavior.
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IT-Enabled Role Playing in Service Encounter: Design a Customer Emotion Management System in Call Centers.
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A Dynamic Bayesian Network Based Collaborative Filtering Model for Multi-stage Recommendation.
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Detecting Contradictory and Consistent Citations in Biomedical Literature.
Proceedings of the AMIA 2017, 2017

A Novel Bipartite Graph Based Competitiveness Degree Analysis from Query Logs.
TKDD, 2016

An OpenFlow User-Switch Remapping Approach for DDoS Defense.
TIIS, 2016

Providing Consistent Opinions from Online Reviews: A Heuristic Stepwise Optimization Approach.
INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2016

Lightweight semantic service modelling for IoT: an environment-based approach.
IJES, 2016

Dynamic iteration stopping algorithm for non-binary LDPC-coded high-order PRCPM in the Rayleigh fading channel.
EURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking, 2016

GM-PHD filter-based multi-target tracking in the presence of Doppler blind zone.
Digital Signal Processing, 2016

Predicting the Incremental Benefits of Online Information Search for Heterogeneous Consumers.
Decision Sciences, 2016

SDNGuardian: Secure Your REST NBIs with API-Grained Permission Checking System.
Proceedings of the Security and Privacy in Communication Networks, 2016

Exploring key hackers and cybersecurity threats in Chinese hacker communities.
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Path hopping based SDN network defense technology.
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Generating Competitive Intelligence Digests with a LDA-Based Method: A Case of BT Intellact.
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Finding temporal associative patterns of Web search with stock price movements for trading strategy design.
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MIMO radar arrays optimization analysis.
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A Study of Active Learning for Document Selection in Clinical Named Entity Recognition.
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A Bayesian framework for de novo mutation calling in parents-offspring trios.
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A haplotype-based framework for group-wise transmission/disequilibrium tests for rare variant association analysis.
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Nonuniform resampling for staggered SAR.
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Discovering Consumers' Purchase Intentions Based on Mobile Search Behaviors.
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Extending associative classifier to detect helpful online reviews with uncertain classes.
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Providing an effective group-buying aggregation service: a data-driven approach.
J. Enterprise Inf. Management, 2014

A heuristic approach for λ-representative information retrieval from large-scale data.
Inf. Sci., 2014

Guest Editorial: Business applications of Web of Things.
Decision Support Systems, 2014

Chaos Synchronization in Complex Oscillators Networks with Time Delay via Adaptive Complex Feedback Control.
CSSP, 2014

DCDB 2.0: a major update of the drug combination database.
Database, 2014

From Trajectories to Path Network: An Endpoints-Based GPS Trajectory Partition and Clustering Framework.
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Predicting Consumer Information Search Benefits for Personalized Online Product Ranking: a confidence-Based Approach.
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How can Product Text Snippets Benefit from Online Customer Reviews?
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"growth of the Fitter": Evolutionary growth Paths and Firm Size of Start-UPS in E-Markets.
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Static-Dynamic Control Flow Integrity.
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From clicking to consideration: A business intelligence approach to estimating consumers' consideration probabilities.
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Human interactome resource and gene set linkage analysis for the functional interpretation of biologically meaningful gene sets.
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Comparative genomic analysis of NAC transcriptional factors to dissect the regulatory mechanisms for cell wall biosynthesis.
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Modeling and Analyzing the Reliability and Cost of Service Composition in the IoT: A Probabilistic Approach.
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Building a highly-compact and accurate associative classifier.
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Task-Technology Fit in Mobile Work: Exploring the Links between Task Attributes and Technology Characteristics.
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Providing a Service for Interactive Online Decision Aids through Estimating Consumers' Incremental Search Benefits.
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An approach to discovering multi-temporal patterns and its application to financial databases.
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