Liming Chen

According to our database1, Liming Chen authored at least 27 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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ST-VIO: Visual-Inertial Odometry Combined With Image Segmentation and Tracking.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2020

EEK-SYS: System reliability analysis through estimation error-guided adaptive Kriging approximation of multiple limit state surfaces.
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Multi-antenna processing based cache-aided relaying networks for B5G communications.
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Motion and disparity vectors early determination for texture video in 3D-HEVC.
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Surrogate-assisted classification-collaboration differential evolution for expensive constrained optimization problems.
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One-shot Distributed Algorithm for Generalized Eigenvalue Problem.
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Breaking Batch Normalization for better explainability of Deep Neural Networks through Layer-wise Relevance Propagation.
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Multi-CAP Assisted Intelligent Mobile Edge Computing Networks for Internet of Things.
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A general failure-pursuing sampling framework for surrogate-based reliability analysis.
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Fast CU size decision based on texture-depth relationship for depth map encoding in 3D-HEVC.
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How to disseminate Core Socialist Values Online: A New Method Based on Extenics.
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A Novel Surrogate-assisted Differential Evolution for Expensive Optimization Problems with both Equality and Inequality Constraints.
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Face age classification based on a deep hybrid model.
Signal Image Video Process., 2018

Research on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiple Output Least Squares Support Vector Regression.
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Tracking multiple targets based on min-cost network flows with detection in RGB-D data.
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Secure Wireless Transmission of Smart Grid Based on Secret Coding.
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Ensemble of surrogate models using sign based cross validation error.
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Channel allocation for hot spot areas in HAPS communication based on the prediction of mobile user characteristics.
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Robust control of flat systems using sliding mode approach.
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Low Complexity HEVC Encoder for Visual Sensor Networks.
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Variable-poled Tracking Control of a Two-wheeled Mobile Robot Using Differential Flatness.
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An Energy Efficient Implementation of C-RAN in HetNet.
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Angular distribution of terahertz emission from laser interactions with solid targets.
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Simulation and Design of Mixing Mechanism in Fertilizer Automated Proportioning Equipment Based on Pro/E and CFD.
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Dynamically Reconfigurable Cache for Low-Power Embedded System.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Natural Computation, 2007

Action Research on Construction of Basic Courses Chief Teachers Pedagogical Model Based on School Network.
Proceedings of the Towards Sustainable and Scalable Educational Innovations Informed by the Learning Sciences, 2005