David Edwards

According to our database1, David Edwards authored at least 45 papers between 1998 and 2023.

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Segmentation of Sandplain Lupin Weeds from Morphologically Similar Narrow-Leafed Lupins in the Field.
Remote. Sens., April, 2023

A Cognizance of Green Bond Features Preferential to Renewable Energy Project Financing in Ghana.
IEEE Trans. Engineering Management, March, 2023

SC-CAN: Spectral Convolution and Channel Attention Network for Wheat Stress Classification.
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Maize Yield Prediction at an Early Developmental Stage Using Multispectral Images and Genotype Data for Preliminary Hybrid Selection.
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DenCity: A WiFi Location Tracking Solution.
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A High-Performance Spectral-Spatial Residual Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Small Training Data.
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Low Voltage Network Clustering for High Renewable Penetration Studies-An Isolated Network Case Study.
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Establishing a distributed national research infrastructure providing bioinformatics support to life science researchers in Australia.
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Progress in single-access information systems for wheat and rice crop improvement.
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Quantitative Multimodal Interaction Analysis for the Assessment of Problem-Solving Skills in a Collaborative Online Game.
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Tapering analysis of airways with bronchiectasis.
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BioNanoAnalyst: a visualisation tool to assess genome assembly quality using BioNano data.
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runBNG: a software package for BioNano genomic analysis on the command line.
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An agile software engineering process improvement game.
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Modelling discrete longitudinal data using acyclic probabilistic finite automata.
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CicArVarDB: SNP and InDel database for advancing genetics research and breeding applications in chickpea.
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Ideology and Utopia: A Technology Action Frames Perspective on ICT Adoption.
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Is there a role for Mobiles to support Sustainable Agriculture in Africa.
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An Immersive Virtual Environment for Phantom Limb Pain Rehabilitation.
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Heart rate measures reflect the interaction of low mental workload and fatigue during driving simulation.
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Selecting high-dimensional mixed graphical models using minimal AIC or BIC forests.
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The Use of Shadow Regions in Multi Region FDM: High Precision Cylindrically Symmetric Electrostatics.
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<i>AutoSNPdb</i>: an annotated single nucleotide polymorphism database for crop plants.
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De novo sequencing of plant genomes using second-generation technologies.
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Practical Sampling for Ray-Based Rendering.
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