Eija Kaasinen

According to our database1, Eija Kaasinen authored at least 46 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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Empowering and Engaging Solutions for Operator 4.0 - Acceptance and Foreseen Impacts by Factory Workers.
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Mobile Service Technician 4.0 ? Knowledge-Sharing Solutions for Industrial Field Maintenance.
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A Worker-Centric Design and Evaluation Framework for Operator 4.0 Solutions that Support Work Well-Being.
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A creative prototype illustrating the ambient user experience of an intelligent future factory.
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Mediated Experience in Customer-Supplier Relationship.
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Human-driven design of micro- and nanotechnology based future sensor systems.
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Augmented Reality - Introduction to the theme.
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Augmented Reality Based Knowledge Sharing Solutions for Field Service Personnel.
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Defining user experience goals to guide the design of industrial systems.
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The Fuzzy Front End of Experience Design: Eliciting and Communicating Experience Goals.
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The fuzzy front end of experience design.
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