Quan Xu

According to our database1, Quan Xu authored at least 46 papers between 1995 and 2020.

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Reducing Motion-Induced Noise With Mechanically Resonant Coil Sensor in a Rigid Helicopter Transient Electromagnetic System.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., 2020

UAV Image Mosaicking Based on Multiregion Guided Local Projection Deformation.
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Further research on exponential stability for quaternion-valued neural networks with mixed delays.
Neurocomputing, 2020

Secure Communication Scheme Based on a New 5D Multistable Four-Wing Memristive Hyperchaotic System with Disturbance Inputs.
Complex., 2020

CCII and FPGA Realization: A Multistable Modified Fourth-Order Autonomous Chua's Chaotic System with Coexisting Multiple Attractors.
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Riddled Attraction Basin and Multistability in Three-Element-Based Memristive Circuit.
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Parallel-Type Asymmetric Memristive Diode-Bridge Emulator and Its Induced Asymmetric Attractor.
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Characteristics of PMU Phase Angle Difference Induced by Frequency Deviation of Crystal Oscillator and its Detection Method.
IEEE Access, 2020

A New Robust Identification Method for Transmission Line Parameters Based on ADALINE and IGG Method.
IEEE Access, 2020

An Innovative Near-Field Communication Security Based on the Chaos Generated by Memristive Circuits Adopted as Symmetrical Key.
IEEE Access, 2020

A Robust Method for Automatic Panoramic UAV Image Mosaic.
Sensors, 2019

Periodically varied initial offset boosting behaviors in a memristive system with cosine memductance.
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Chaotic Bursting Dynamics and Coexisting Multistable Firing Patterns in 3D Autonomous Morris-Lecar Model and Microcontroller-Based Validations.
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A Simple Nonautonomous Hidden Chaotic System with a Switchable Stable Node-Focus.
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Dynamical Effects of Neuron Activation Gradient on Hopfield Neural Network: Numerical Analyses and Hardware Experiments.
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Machine learning-guided synthesis of advanced inorganic materials.
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Abundant Coexisting Multiple Attractors' Behaviors in Three-Dimensional Sine Chaotic System.
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Hybrid State Variable Incremental Integral for Reconstructing Extreme Multistability in Memristive Jerk System with Cubic Nonlinearity.
Complex., 2019

Periodically Switched Memristor Initial Boosting Behaviors in Memristive Hypogenetic Jerk System.
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Uav Image Mosaic Based on Non-Rigid Matching and Bundle Adjustment.
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Crisis-induced coexisting multiple attractors in a second-order nonautonomous memristive diode bridge-based circuit.
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Robust Exponential Stability of Switched Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Interval Parameter Uncertainties and Impulses.
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Memristor-Based Canonical Chua's Circuit: Extreme Multistability in Voltage-Current Domain and Its Controllability in Flux-Charge Domain.
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Three-Dimensional Memristive Hindmarsh-Rose Neuron Model with Hidden Coexisting Asymmetric Behaviors.
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New complex projective synchronization strategies for drive-response networks with fractional complex-variable dynamics.
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Stochastic Exponential Robust Stability of Delayed Complex-Valued Neural Networks With Markova Jumping Parameters.
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A Simple Third-Order Memristive Band Pass Filter Chaotic Circuit.
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Intelligent cloud based monitoring system of electricity demand of fused magnesium furnace process.
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Decentralized adaptive strategies for synchronization of fractional-order complex networks.
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Non-Autonomous Second-Order Memristive Chaotic Circuit.
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Decentralized adaptive coupling synchronization of fractional-order complex-variable dynamical networks.
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Joint analysis of multi-level functional brain networks.
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A Dominating Error Region Strategy for Improving the Bit-Flipping LDPC Decoder of SSDs.
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ADReCS: an ontology database for aiding standardization and hierarchical classification of adverse drug reaction terms.
Nucleic Acids Res., 2015

ETARP: An Energy Efficient Trust-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.
J. Sensors, 2015

Self-Excited and Hidden Attractors Found Simultaneously in a Modified Chua's Circuit.
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Write Pattern Format Algorithm for Reliable NAND-Based SSDs.
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GI/Geom/1 queue based on communication model for mesh networks.
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Concatenated LDPC-TCM coding for reliable storage in multi-level flash memories.
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