H. J. Kim

According to our database1, H. J. Kim authored at least 33 papers between 1997 and 2018.

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The Effect of Pulse Signal Waveform on Bandwidth in Pulse Radar System.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence, 2018

Diffuse Speckle Contrast Analysis Assisted Intraoperative Blood Flow Monitoring in the Rat Model of Femoral Arterial Occlusion.
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Scheduling in compute cloud with multiple data banks using divisible load paradigm.
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A Lagrangian heuristic for determining the speed and bunkering port of a ship.
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A Meta-Cognitive Learning Algorithm for an Extreme Learning Machine Classifier.
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Highly sustainable electroactive artificial muscle with graphene.
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Hot hole-induced device degradation by drain junction reverse current.
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Scheduling nonlinear divisible loads in a single level tree network.
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A Projection Based Learning Meta-cognitive RBF Network Classifier for Effective Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.
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Effect of gas type and flow rate on Cu free air ball formation in thermosonic wire bonding.
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Online learning neural tracker.
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Scan-rescan reproducibility of CT densitometric measures of emphysema.
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Fast Learning Fully Complex-Valued Classifiers for Real-Valued Classification Problems.
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Effect of single crystalline MgO powder treatment of phosphor surface on discharge property of high-Xe AC plasma display panels.
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Divisible load scheduling in distributed system with buffer constraints: genetic algorithm and linear programming approach.
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Ant Colony Optimization for Satellite Customer Assignment.
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A Real Coded Genetic Algorithm for Data Partitioning and Scheduling in Networks with Arbitrary Processor Release Time.
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Rich Base Schema: A Unified Framework for OODB Schema Version Management.
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Korean character recognition using a TDNN and an HMM.
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A vector-based method for drawing RNA secondary structure.
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The Development of Digital Library System for Drug Research Information.
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Korean Character Recognition Using a TDNN.
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Logical IP subnet information protocol for IP routing over ATM.
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