Jie Ling

According to our database1, Jie Ling authored at least 34 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Robust Trajectory Tracking Control for Variable Stiffness Actuators With Model Perturbations.
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Learning Force-Relevant Skills from Human Demonstration.
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Identity-Based Signature Schemes for Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems.
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Automatic diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia in electrocardiograms via multigranulation computing.
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BLTM: Beta and LQI Based Trust Model for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Towards an Efficient Cyber-Physical System for First-Mile Taxi Transit in Urban Complex.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering, 2019

Finger vein secure biometric template generation based on deep learning.
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An approach for quantitatively analyzing the genuine tripartite nonlocality of general three-qubit states.
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Precision Contour tracking using feedback-feedforward Integrated control for a 2-DOF manipulation System.
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A Wireless Key Generation Algorithm for RFID System Based on Bit Operation.
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Secure and fine-grained access control on e-healthcare records in mobile cloud computing.
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Attribute-based handshake protocol for mobile healthcare social networks.
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Fast Removal of Rain Streaks From a Single Image via a Shape Prior.
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Integrating Damping Control with Iterative Learning Control for Fast and Precise Scanning of Nanopositioners: A TITO Design*.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics, 2018

Robust Control of a Serial Variable Stiffness Actuator Based on Nonlinear Disturbance Observer (NDOB).
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Data-based double-feedforward controller design for a coupled parallel piezo nanopositioning stage.
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Scalable privacy-enhanced traffic monitoring in vehicular ad hoc networks.
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Dispersive order of lifetimes of series systems in multiple-outlier Weibull models.
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A Semi-Automated Content Moderation Workflow for Humanitarian Situation Assessments.

A Human-is-the-Loop Approach for Semi-Automated Content Moderation.
Proceedings of the 13th Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, 2016

Combined Model-Free Decoupling Control and Double Resonant Control in Parallel Nanopositioning Stages for Fast and Precise Raster Scanning.
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A position domain iteration learning control for contour tracking with application to a multi-axis motion testbed.
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An Improved Anonymous Password Authentication Scheme Using Nonce and Bilinear Pairings.
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A Position Domain Cross-Coupled Iteration Learning Control for Contour Tracking in Multi-axis Precision Motion Control Systems.
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Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Stentiford Visual Attention Model.
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Research and Implemention of File Protection System Based on Improved Role-Based Access Control.
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Performance Comparison of Several Watermarking Methods Based on ICA and AQIM.
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A New Certified Email Protocol.
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A construction of binary constant-weight codes from algebraic curves over finite fields.
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