Jørgen Staunstrup

According to our database1, Jørgen Staunstrup authored at least 36 papers between 1978 and 2009.

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Viewpoint - Research evaluation for computer science.
Commun. ACM, 2009

Practical Verification of Embedded Software.
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A Comparison of Modular Verification Techniques.
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Partial Model Checking with ROBDDs.
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A systems design course emphasizing interfaces.
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Mechanized Verification of Speed-independence.
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Interface models.
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The priority queue as an example of hardware/software codesign.
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Characterizing speed-independence of high-level designs.
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Synthesizing Delay Insensitive Circuits from Verified Programs.
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The Behavior of Shared Objects: Concepts, Pitfalls, and a New Model.
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Localized Verification of Circuit Descriptions.
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VLSI with a very low scale investment.
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Message Passing Communication Versus Procedure Call Communication.
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What is a Correct Behaviour of a File Under Concorrent Access?
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Geometrical Constructions.
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Proceedings of the Program Specification, 1981

Analysis of concurrent algorithms.
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