Lei Liang

According to our database1, Lei Liang authored at least 41 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Land Use Simulation of Guangzhou Based on Nighttime Light Data and Planning Policies.
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CrowdTSC: Crowd-based Neural Networks for Text Sentiment Classification.
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Application of image retrieval based on convolutional neural networks and Hu invariant moment algorithm in computer telecommunications.
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Runway Width Design Based on Wheel Trace Distribution Test.
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A New Aircraft Taxiing Model Based on Filtering White Noise Method.
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Towards Factorized SVM with Gaussian Kernels over Normalized Data.
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Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Ice Sheet Snowmelt in Antarctica and Greenland Using Microwave Radiometer Data.
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Advances in narrow linewidth diode lasers.
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Reliability analysis based on weibull distribution model for spreaders.
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Curling: Content-ubiquitous resolution and delivery infrastructure for next-generation services.
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Exploration on Acoustic Sound Pattern.
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A Sociophonetic Study on Tones of Chongqing Mandarin in Gender and Age Difference.
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End-to-End QoS Measurement over a DVB-RCS Satellite Network.
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An Agent-based Scheme for Supporting Service and Resource Management in Wireless Cloud.
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A Sevice-Oriented Broker for Bulk Data Transfer in Cloud Computing.
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Comparison of some representative density functional theory and wave function theory methods for the studies of amino acids.
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Relative QoS optimization for multiparty online gaming in DiffServ networks.
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Automatic functional test program generation for microprocessor verification.
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Scalable architecture and evaluation for multiparty conferencing over satellite links.
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Internet QoS and traffic modelling.
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